Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Problem of Evil in the World

Christian Research Institute has a caller ask about his Christian grandmother who has Alzheimer's. Is this Christian grandmother responsible for her misbehavior and anger? Hank Hanegraaff points out that she is covered by the righteousness of Christ. One day her soul will be reunited with her restored body at the resurrection in heaven. My husband swears horribly when he is irritated, but that is the disease of Alzheimer's--an opportunity for me to practice patience. Hubby didn't swear like this when I married him in 2000. He forgets later about his swearing and I know he is covered by Christ's righteousness even as that grandmother is.

What is the origin of evil? Hank Hanegraaff says that God creates the potential for evil. Of course secular people, some call them humanists, believe in the goodness of man. How can anyone believe in the goodness of man when you have a James Holmes open fire at a Batman movie? The problem of sin will be gone in heaven. This is the great hope that I as a caregiver/lovegiver have.

Was God in Control of 9/11? Hank says we live in a fallen world where both the righteous and unrighteous suffer. We Christians can have peace in the midst of the storm and rely on the justice and sovereignty of God.

Back to the question of what has happened in this horrible massacre in Aurora. One blogger pastor writes a moving account of a young woman who was hit by bullets in that movie theater. By God's sovereignty she came through difficult brain surgery. That pastor says that the mother and he "know a miracle when we see it". Read about this story Petra's Miracle in Aurora. I cried when I read this. Pray for Petra and her mother Kim.

Added Comment in August. Jay and Ruth Younts have an amazing testimony about trusting God concerning Ruth's brain cancer.  Listen at Shepherd Press.

I do not know what miracles or suffering await us in this life and in this God-permitted Alzheimer's journey, but I know the ONE who has the answers. He is working out His plan in our lives and I see His miracles and answers to prayer every day. Death, as horrible as it is, will never be the worst that can happen to a Christian.

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