Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Dog Ziggy

My friend from a writing class always sends forwarded e-mail. This picture is from one and captures what I want to say about dog, Ziggy.

Ziggy doesn't like me to leave the house just as hubby misses me.

I'm getting dressed and Ziggy is getting upset.
When I leave, I kiss hubby and Ziggy. When I call hubby tells me how Ziggy misses me.  Meanwhile, Ziggy is a wonderful companion for hubby while I am gone. I do not believe that my hubby would wander as some Alzheimer's patients do, because he and Ziggy are devoted to each other.

from Pinterest
Now there are dog people and cat people. We are dog people. I do think that the unconditional love of a good pet helps the stability of persons with dementia. On my husband's daily clipboard are reminders:
  1. Has Ziggy been outside?
  2. Has Ziggy been fed. 
Sometimes he will forget to shave, take his pills, eat lunch when I leave the house early, but care of Ziggy is his top priority. Pets are such good therapy both for persons with dementia and their caregivers/lovegivers.


  1. Your Ziggy is adorable! animals are such a blessing for the patient and the care giver.
    I'm a dog and cat person...I'd be so lonely without my little buddies
    Hugs and prayers,,

  2. Very cute dog! We have a dog and two cats. I couldn't imagine our house without them!