Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Would Have Never Thought. . .

1. That God is so faithful every day. But how could I doubt this?!  Early on in this process when I began this blog I thought I would be a basket case by now. Not so. I am not and He is not letting me lose heart.
2. That there is real joy in bearing the burdens of others especially in prayer, not just in concentrating on our own needs.
3. That our neighbor would mow our front and back yards earlier this week.
4. That the LORD would gift us with friends in the same situation--Sally and Jake. This week were have two outings with them.
5. That I have a hearing problem and we can joke about it and MY memory at times--not just my husband's loss of functions.
Hubby says something like "I need some more ice tea."
I ask from another room, "Please repeat. I didn't hear you."
Hubby says, "I can't remember what I asked."


I start to tell him something and forget what I was saying and I say, "I forgot what I was going to tell you."

He says, "It won't matter, 'cause I won't remember anyway!"
6. That my husband's prayers are so precious to me. Today at Wendy's he teasingly prayed LORD please forgive Carol for hitting me with her straw cover. We always blow that cover at each other when we eat out. His prayers when we turn in at night are sincere and wonderful.
7. That coconut oil seems to help stabilize DH's mood and maybe help him stay in stage one of Alzheimer's.
8. That my family and my husband's family would be so supportive. I heard/read that Alzheimer's brings out the best and worst in families.
9.  That I don't have my head in the sand about what's coming down the road; somehow part of me wants to be prepared. I also am watching my health so I don't have a heart attack and can't take care of my husband. I want to be able to care for my husband all his days. I say both think ahead and take one day at a time.
10. That blogging is such a wonderful support system and therapy even if no one reads it or comments. Blogging seems to have a life of its own.
11. That ads are creeping onto my blogger account even though it is not monetized. They just seem to be for me. Hope you all don't get them as well. Oops! It was spyware, but computer has now been cleaned up thanks to a friend from church, my computer guru.
12. That there have been almost 400 hits but no comments on the 7/5 Brain Health. . . Kit below. Is this causing some advertisers to think?
What are you surpised about in the past few years of blogging or of your life?


  1. I don't comment on blogs much (I'm supposed to be working!) but I do read every post...and say a prayer for you each time. Take care, Janice in San Diego

  2. Janice,

    Good to hear from you and I appreciate SO much you read this blog and pray for us.

    LORD bless,

  3. Always uplifting to count your blessings!

  4. Isn't it wonderful and amazing that God gives us the strength to carry on, when we didn't think we could do it.
    Good post, Carol.
    I hope you all have a great weekend!
    Hugs and prayers,