Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do Not Go Gently

Famous lines from Dylan Thomas poem
Do not go gently into that good night. . . Rage, rage against the dying light.
I find my husband actively combating his dementia. He has a small notebook where we write down procedures such has how to use the three remote controls for TV, DVD and VCR, how to use the GNP unit, how to use the cell phone. He writes on the four switch light switch plate--garage, dining room, family room and kitchen. Signs have appeared on the recyclable bins. This minimizes his frustration.

Frustration does come, however. Yesterday he couldn't find his keys. We couldn't leave the house until he found them, even though we could have used my keys.

We did find them in time to leave. We had such an enjoyable day in Orlando. We had one event in the morning and then went to an outlet mall and Downtown Disney. The last of the big spenders since we are on a tight budget we enjoyed just shopping and seeing the crowds. We had lunch, bought a gift for a grandchild and then had hot cocoa. Unhurried the day. We stopped on the way home at Home Depot for bird feed and Publix for a few groceries.

Earlier in the week we did errands before my dental appointment. He enjoys being retired and I enjoy having my husband to pal around with! Whereas last summer trips of any sort of trip were stressful for him and he couldn't wait to get home, since coconut oil I find him "not going gently into the night."