Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saga Seven

We had an automobile accident Sunday coming home from church. It was a crash waiting to happen. It is no "accident" when someone decides to drive after drinking. The picture shows the investigation by the Sheriff's Department. Call it that driver's crash and our "accident", where we were protected by divine hands. (Nothing in our lives is an accident knowing that the almighty God is there for us.)

I am driving our Saturn and see an Explorer not stopping at a stop sign and barreling though the railroad tracks perpendicular to our car. There is going to be a crash! I swerve into the oncoming traffic lane where there were no cars to try to avoid being hit, but it was not to be. LORD, thanks for our lives. Thanks that I am not a widow again. The driver gets out briefly and then tries to leave the scene. However the good old boys of Plant City are not going to let him flee the scene. The Explorer trying to flee loses control and ends up driving on the railroad tracks before being stopped by perfect strangers who are waiting for authorities to come.
  • 5:01 pm the Sheriff  receives call from 911 dispatcher.
  • 5:08 pm they arrive at scene.
  • Paramedics check us out. Huge bump on DH's leg gets treated with an ice pack. I suspect that the glove compartment flew open and caused this. Note in the pictures how close my husband in the passenger seat was to being hit straight on.
  • A lovely lady whose husband is the Youth Minister at nearby church comes and prays with us. We also pray for the gentleman who hits us. By that time we have heard that he smells of alcohol. She also uses my digital camera to shoot pictures.
  • Daughter of DH comes and we transfer items to her car where we wait until they are able to let us leave. (I had called her on my cell and police let her car through the barricade.) 
  • Tow truck carts off our Saturn.
  • Railroad worker inspects the train track.
  • 7:00 Report is finished and we are allowed to leave. We see Explorer driver given sobriety tests as we leave.
  • 9:00 Arrest for DUI with Property Damage and no valid driver's license. He did not face other charges according to the Sheriff's on-line report such:  open container (reportedly he had taken them out of car); fleeing the scene; running a stop sign; and no valid insurance.  
  • 10:37 PM Gentleman  is checked into jail and bond is set at $2,750. DUI with property damage is $500, $250 no driver's license, $2000 for previous warrant for no driver's license. BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) given as .172/.180. This makes his BAC well over .25 ( three times the presumptive legal limit in Florida) at the time of his crash and the estimate is that he could have had ten beers or whatever alcoholic drink he chose to imbibe in a short period of time. (You lose .015 BAC per hour after you stop drinking. According to Sheriff's web site he has been in jail two nights now--no one bonded him out.)
  • Meanwhile at home DH goes to bed with yogurt and his medicine including Ibuprofen which DH's daughter thoughtfully goes out to get for us. I take a pain med and Ibuprofen and start to get food before I pass out. I recall holding strangely to the kitchen counter and thinking what am I doing this for?  I was passing out. I raise up and fall down and vomit. I call DH and he comes and then leaves and vomits. Our problem was we didn't eat enough with the meds.
  • Middle of the night my husband complains of back pains. I finally get to sleep at 4:30 AM.
  • Monday at 9 AM call State Farm Insurance and receive calls from them all day. Both of us are sore.
  • 4 PM husband has doctor's appointment, gets anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant, shot, and prescription for x-rays for his back. My doctor will get back to me about an appointment on Wednesday.
  • 7 PM we have dinner with Sally and Jake at ABC Pizza and tell them all about it. We make tentative plans to spend New Year's Eve at their home.
We both thank God for our lives.


  1. Praise God you are both okay. (Trusting that those aches and pains are just soreness and not more serious) In God's good providence your hubby gets to surrender his driving of his own volition. :-)

  2. Thank the Lord you are ok. Looks pretty bad. So glad you both are well. Sorry this happened.

  3. Oh god. .I hope both of you are okay right now. Just be careful next time alright? I am so sorry about what happened:(

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  4. Ruby and Karen,
    Thanks for your concerns and prayers.
    Daphne Sy,
    Thanks, Dayne. Yes, we are lucky to be alive. I believe that I acted quickly in this emergency just as I teach. Last night, while others attended to my husband, I taught a class for first time drivers and I also teach a class for DUI offenders. Isn't it ironic that I also am taking a seminary counseling study and currently we are studying addictions. The gentleman who hit us in in jail and I hope to write him a note at the jail that we, by God's grace, forgive him, and please consider turning his life over to Jesus Christ who can help him with his need to consume so much alcohol.

  5. I'm running slow on reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.
    By the looks of your car, it's a miracle of God that you two weren't badly injured!

    I'm so glad you were driving and not Herb....he couldn't have thought as quickly as you.
    And a blessing that he's willing to give up driving, I personally think that's an excellent idea. I've felt concern that he was still driving.
    I hope both of you heal quickly!
    Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  6. DH has horrible back pains and is resting comfortably in the hospital now. He will get therapy and maybe surgery. I myself am still hurting from the accident and couldn't care for him at home, even with help.

    He asked me why he was there last night and I reminded him he was in an accident and they were finding answers about his back. The hospital staff know he has dementia and there is an alarm on the bed if he tries to get up so he will not wander off.

  7. So, glad you both are alright. Giving up driving as we have discussed in the past is a very difficult change. Something positive came from this terrible accident.

  8. Thinking about and praying for you lots today, Carol.

    Love, Kerry

  9. This was the hand of God indeed! Praise God for His protection. Hope you and your DH will recover quickly. What a wonderful idea to write the criminal young man a letter explaining the grace you have received from God ad how he can obtain it as well!

  10. Praise God He kept you both safe and sound. We just never know what a day will bring but thankfully we are held in His hands. Did your husband get his test?

  11. Carol,
    I thought I had posted a comment but it must not have gone through before....

    Thank the good Lord that the two of you are going to be okay! From the looks of that car, y'all are really really lucky. I'm glad that DH will be home for Christmas. Merry Christmas!