Thursday, October 14, 2010


We went to the MaDonna Ptak Center for Alzheimer's and Memory Loss/Memory Disorders Clinic at the Morton Plant Neuroscience Clinic in Clearwater yesterday. In the morning DH took the DriveABLE Road Evaluation test which was
not sufficient to resolve driver competency. The DriveABLE Road Evaluation is needed to determine driver competence.
We went to lunch at McDonald's so I could play their Monopoly Oct. 5--Nov. 1 game. Haven't won anything yet. Am I gambling? I don't like to gamble because the LORD has promised to supply our needs. We bought food that had those Monopoly properties attached to the packaging. I still need more properties to win. Anyone have Boardwalk, Pennyslvania Ave., Ventor, Vermont, Reading Railroad, or Mediterranean? I will trade you. Hard to watch nutrition by buying there, however--gambling with nutrition.

In the afternoon DH took his road test at the Suncoast Safety Council also in Clearwater. I believe he passed it, but you never know what the neurologist, Dr. Raj, will say. We have yet to meet him, but he is the professional who gave us the Mixed Dementia diagnosis (two kinds of dementia) at the USF Byrd Alzheimer's Research Institute. Don't you just love those names for hospitals and research centers!

Added October 18. DH got the word by phone at home and I got the word on my cell. Officially he passed and can drive! 

Thank you, Lord, and please protect him!

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