Friday, October 29, 2010

Saga Two

This week James finished the recessed lighting in the family room where my husband watches so many old movies. That bright light is essential to help with Syndowner's. The picture at the left doesn't do justice to the real change in lighting in that room.

"This is the last time you take me to a doctor," proclaimed DH, as he drove us to an endocrinologist this week. Yes he can drive now. I was glad because while he drove I was writing down all his prescriptions, Centrum Silver, Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin B12 and the Ecotrin full strength aspirin he now takes instead of expensive Plavix. I didn't want to cart all those bottles in to the doctor.

We didn't know why he needed to see the endocrinologist, but found out why when we got to Watson Clinic in Lakeland. His calcium levels were elevated and that could mean surgery on a gland or kidney stones.  He collected urine for 24 hours and did a great job of remembering to do this even while I was gone. Shortly he will take a bone density test also to see if calcium is not getting to his bones and if he has thin bones.

A researcher interviewied me about coconut oil and the benefit to my husband. I pointed out DH's passing his driver's test at an ALZ clinic and also the fact that Byrd Institute said that they didn't think he should be dressing himself now based on his MRI. Yes, indeed, coconut oil is helping DH.

Sally, Jake, DH and I traveled to Disney's Epcot in Orlando this week. In celebration of passing of the driving test I actually enjoyed my husband driving the four of us to Orlando.  I wanted to drive his SUV, but he said it makes him feel like a man to be the driver. He really is a safe driver. On the return trip, however, DH was happy to have me drive. Again we got in free due to the generosity of some friends. Jake and DH got better acquainted during the day as did Sally and I.

How wonderful it is for me to have Sally to share the journey of husbands having Alzheimer's. We commented that the men may be about the same stage of Alzheimer's, although we do know that this disease takes different forms with different men. We also noted that they both husband's need organizational skills of their wives to complete projects--my husband to weed and Jake to paint a fence. During the day at Epcot we had plenty of opportunity to observe the interaction of our husbands who are enjoying forming a friendship as are Sally and I. Sally had read my book and so knows all about me and I was able to ask her getting-acquainted questions also. What a gift from the LORD this couple relationship is turning out to be!


  1. What a treat it must be to have DH driving... one thing you don't have to take over completely. That's great.

  2. I do believe, one of the things I miss the most since David's had Alzheimer's, is the driving....I really get tired of always driving.

    Each person with Alzheimer's reacts so differently; I sure wish the coconut oil would have worked on David, but it didn't make any difference at all on him.

    I'm so happy for you to have your new friends in your lives..... it will be a blessing for all 4 of you!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. You're motivated me to start using the coconut oil I have in my cupboard. Have you found an inexpensive source?

    My grandmother had Alzheimer's. I so hope I don't get it but that decision will be in the Lord's hands. I've wondered if reading and studying will make a difference? Do you think the onset could be delayed by keeping the brain active?

  4. Living on Less Money, a large tub of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions sees to be my most economical means and it lasts me over a half a year. One of my husband's dementias, Vascular Dementia, is related to lifestyle. Early Onset ALZ is hereditary. Research is on on the heels of discovering who will get ALZ, but not how to prevent it or delay it. Dr. Newport is coming out with a book on her husband's Early Onset ALZ and coconut oil and more information.

  5. Thank you for reply.

    Can I ask a few more questions? What do you mean by his dementia is related to lifestyle?

    Also, you said 'one' of your husband's dementias. Can a person have more than one?

    Thirdly, how much coconut oil should a person take each day to help prevent (will it prevent or just delay) dementia?

    Thanks again!

  6. One more question.. sorry.. there are 2 types of coconut oil and I wondered if you purchased the Gold Label or the expeller-pressed? and do you buy certified or non?

  7. Go to Dr. Newport's blog at the right for her information on coconut oil. We use Gold Label --2-3 tablespoons a day. At the top of this blog is eight types of dementia. Vascular Dementia, which my husband has in addition to Alzheimer's, is related to heard disease, type 2 diabetes and so that is why I say it is related to lifestyle when one was younger. My husband has had a heart attack and has been a meat and potatoes guy.