Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Normal Life So Far

DH passed the DriveABLE test as we learned last week. The written report which came yesterday said he
appeared cooperative and effortful during testing. . . . .The driving performance is compared against normal, healthy drivers who also drove a dual-brake car. . . . [Husband's] driving performance revealed no evidence that driving competence is outside the range of healthy, normal drivers. Driving cessation is NOT indicated. Reassessment is recommended if there are significant changes in medical status or function. The recommendation is based on criteria developed through the scientific comparison of medically impaired and normal, healthy drivers across a broad age range. Those criteria enable normal, healthy drivers of [my husband's] age to receive a passing score. The DriveABLE Road Evaluation has been demonstrated through research to be sensitive and fair for both urban and rural drivers.
Wednesday he had an appointment with his primary care physician and I also went to that appointment, booking myself unavailable to substitute that day. I gave her a copy of the report on DH's Mixed Dementia evaluation from the Byrd Institute. She was pleased with his Hematology and Chemistry report that she orders every three months. The doctor agreed to let him stop the Plavix, which we are out of after 90 days, in favor of regular aspirin as suggested by a helpful comment from an earlier post on July 14 of this year. (By the way a lot of people have visited that 7/14/10 post according to the site meter.)  I have him taking ECOTRIN 325 mg Safety Coated Enteric Aspirin now. This saves us a lot of money. She was also glad that we use bright lights now in the family room where DH is always watching a movie.

Wednesday we also ran into a couple and had lunch with them at Plant City's Fred's Market. This was delightful and really my husband was great at maintaining conversation. I gave them a copy of my book. We were so full from lunch that we skipped dinner and went to my Toastmasters meeting. After the meeting we went to a McDonalds for dinner to see if I could get closer to winning in their Monopoly game. No luck and DH doesn't really like McDonalds he said. I am over eating there also.

This morning my husband was interested in the calendar for his chores. Change air filter. Wash the car. Love that huge FlyLady calendar and he had me write those chores on them. He also took note that the lawn needs mowing with his riding lawn mower. He has been puttering away at weeding the past couple of weeks for which I am grateful. We have a lot of yard to maintain. Carpenter James built this pergola structure between the two back yards several years ago and we enjoy the climbing roses on it.

I need to learn the procedures to the lawn mower because one day I will be the one mowing it; hope to make a sheet in my FlyLady Control Journal for how to use that mower.

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  1. It's so wonderful that your husband can still perform task and wants to help..... and that he notices things that need to be done, and can help....!! I think you still have some good years ahead of you with your wonderful husband.

    The pergola and yard area... looks very inviting....
    Praying for many good days ahead!