Monday, April 14, 2014

Movies With Memory Loss Issues

This is a repost of one I took off.  I have added one recent movie. 

"God's Not Dead". I was glad we could have a date that we both enjoyed so much recently. My husband was moved by the movie and didn't seem to flinch with the mother who has memory problems--in fact he didn't remember that part of the movie later. It is certainly more biblical than the current "Noah" which doesn't even mention God (we didn't see that one and do not plan to). The next day my husband didn't remember this movie at all.  

"The Notebook" is a beautify movie and book by Nicholas Sparks. We have seen that movie on TV. I may read the book, both well reviewed. Sparks writes in chapter one The romantics would call this a love story, the cynics would call it a tragedy. In my mind it's a little bit of both. Yep.


"50 First Dates" my husband has seen several times I know and he remembers that movie but has said he doesn't remember how it ends. Four years ago he watched it on Easter with his son who was visiting Plant City. I wonder if they discussed it--I was at Books-a-Million with other family members at the time getting a book so the teenage granddaughter had something to read on her trip home to Virginia. We also own this movie and have enjoyed seeing it several times. There is  scene in the art class when the character played my Drew works; several men have 10 second memory and this is comedy in the film. However, the movie is very sweet.

"The Vow".  I wrote on Facebook: We saw "The Vow" today and it touched my husband. I told him if he forgot me I would court him as Kim courted Krickett. He said he wouldn't forget that he is married to me. He also compaired it to the movie "50 First Dates". I understand that the book is also a best seller now, and tells more of the Christian faith of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The world needs to understand that a wedding vow is a wedding vow. I am going to see if I can get this book for my Nook. The movie leaves so much out and makes it so Hollywood. However, that movie did bump up sales for the book.

"A 1000 Words" stars Eddie Murphy as Jack McCall and we saw this recently when we couldn't get into "Hunger Games" which of course was sold out that first weekend. Later we saw Hunger Games and I loved it. My husband liked neither movie.  "A 1000 Words" has gotten poor reviews and what disturbs me the most is how Jack McCall's mother who has dementia is portrayed. I have no sense that she is being properly cared for and her confusion that her son Jack is her husband is meant for comedyMemory issues are not funny, folks.

"Away from Her" is about Grant and Fiona Anderson. Fiona is admitten to a facility and Grant cannot visit her for 30 days. When he does see Fiona after those 30 days, she has forgotten him. I haven't seen this movie yet, but learned about it at an Alzheimer's workshop several years ago. I ordered it, but have not seen it yet. 

"Forget Me Never" my husband and I saw on TV, enjoyed it, and I blogged about it earlier on Plant City Lady and Friends. We saw this movie, however, before he ever acknowledged his memory problems.

Tom Rush has a video song that makes fun of memory. Loss of memory, however, is not funny at all when you have it or your family member has that memory loss. My husband often relies on me for memory. I tell him I am happy to be his memory, but that memory is so painfully less now than two years ago when I first posted this list of movies.


  1. I think it is great that your hubby still enjoys watching movies; he might not remember them the next day or parts of them,but its neat that he can still participate watching them or going to them in the movie theater. I too do not plan on seeing Noah but do plan on seeing God's Not Dead sometime. I thought 50 First Dates was a cute movie; I really liked that one. Now I'll have to check out the Vow because I have not heard of it.


    1. Yes, Betty, I am enjoying every normal activity that my husband and I can do together and he likes doing normal things as well. It's hard to find those good movies these days.

  2. I'm glad you liked, 'God's Not Dead'. I'd like to see it again someday. I really liked it!

    1. This is a movie to buy when it comes out on DVD. Hubby has quite a collection of good movies. These days he needs help putting them in and on, whereas about a year ago he would do it himself.

  3. Through the insistence of Aimee I have reexamined the initial exchange between Carol and I that was begun by her comment to me on Aimee's blog. While I was honestly convinced and with good experiential reason, to interpret that comment as I did, I failed to follow the simple biblical principle of speaking to her first and as it turns out, I have become convinced that I very grievously misjudged both her motivation in that comment and consequently her character as an elder sister in the Lord.

    We do continue to have significant differences, but I have asked her forgiveness and promised I would publicly acknowledge that I was very wrong in my assessment of her intentions on Aimee's blog. I am compelled by conviction to stand by the substance of much of what I said to her, but the way I said it was inexcusable and as a result she was I believe genuinely frightened by my aggressive tone. A thing that I certainly did not intend and that does in fact break my heart. She is a softhearted nice lady and nothing like what I took her for

    Regardless of anything else, the last thing I would ever want to do is cause an older woman with her immense responsibilities fear or undue grief by a misunderstanding that was my fault which this was. My hope is that Carol and I can become at least somewhat friendly and that does appear to be happening.

    1. Thanks so much, Greg. Apology accepted. No one sees your comment on this blog because that whole two-year old post was taken off.

      This is why I took the two-year old post off and reposted adding the excellent movie "God's Not Dead". Might I say that GOD IS INDEED NOT DEAD as He causes us Christians to reexamine our motives. I too have been humbled and have needed to ask forgiveness from others.

    2. Greg Smith sent me the review for one of these movies, The Notebook. In no way was I commending anyone see the full version.

    3. I am very glad to hear this, but it does call up other issues that I won't.

      However, in all sincerity, there is no way one would, in an age of 600 cable channels, gather that seeing something on TV means an edited version without specifically pointing that out. That's not an attack Carol please. It's an honest suggestion.

      Also, as you know by now I was not favorably impressed with "Gods' Not Dead for reasons I also won't get into here. I did want to say though that I thought that the best part of the movie was when the severely declining mother gave her short sermonette to her son after his mocking of her faith. VERY biblical and very well done. :)