Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Celebrity Power One

I am so drawn to the cover of a magazine and magazines know this. At the check out stand they demand that I purchase them. Now I do not need another magazine because I only have 2/3 of my magazine pile sorted through. But  I bought one--the October issue of Good Housekeeping.

I have often thought about the rich and the famous and how they might manage their homes. I think that undoubtedly they hired housekeepers and organizers to put it all together. Not so with Jamie Lee Curtis. I didn't find out if Jamie actually does her own cleaning like this cover implies, but she does her own organizing. And I am more into organizing than cleaning at this point in any case.

Jamie wears black, white, navy--boring colors IMHO, but her closet at the left is to die for. She regularly gives excess away and simplifies. She wears what is simple and makes sense to her.

Now I am not about to buy new containers for all my cosmetics and pantry items like Jamie does, although I do think her point about cracker and cereal boxes is good. I like to put cereal in other containers. 

Jamie makes a very liveable home. I am getting there, Jamie. I am getting there, FlyLady.

“One person’s mess is merely another person’s filing system.”~~ Margo Kaurman


  1. One person's mess is another person's filing system!
    I do love the quote, but when the other person is your spouse, you run into some problems!

  2. I've always been drawn to the look of Jamie Lee Curtis; I love the simplicity of her hair, make up and clothes. I'm not surprised that her home is the same way.

    It sounds like you're organizing plan is on the move and working well.

    I love being organized..... it helps my brain, if that makes sense.

    I love the quote...