Friday, January 30, 2009

Creativity, Productivity, and Leisure

from Creativity, Productivity, and Leisure

"The nerve-jangling pressure of lengthy daily "to do" lists can leach away energy. The thought of adding more items to the list may fill you with more dismay than delight, even if the addition is relaxation, creativity, or time with a loved one. Yet when you refresh yourself in ways that are meaningful to you, you add to your stock of energy and joy. What does "creativity" mean to you? . . . Taking this time for yourself helps ward off exhaustion and burnout, allowing you to focus more attentively and less resentfully on the tasks of your day. Consider it a gift to yourself that also pays dividends to others."
  • I love to sew, read and write. I have a new sewing machine, but have to find help in using it. It is stressful to me now, but I will conquer that stress.
  • I have adopted my husband's hobbies. We go to the shooting range and last year I took up playing pool when we moved a pool table into our den.
  • Seeing movies with my husband.

I want to add camping and vacations to that list, but my husband really just wants to stay home. Oh well! Enjoy every day at home, I say.

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