Thursday, January 1, 2009

Visuals, Not Audios

My cell phone only texts currently due to a dog named Ziggy. Before leaving home to bring DVDs and a DVD player to my husband's work because it is so slow on a holiday,I called him from the home phone to say that when I got to the garage I would call on the cell and no one would speak. That way he would know I was at the bank.

I called from the bank garage and heard him say, hello, hello. I walked up to the door and he saw me and buzzed me in. I asked about the phone call where no one spoke. He did not remember it, but he did visually recognize me.

This is why visuals such as calendars are so important to my dear husband. This is why movies are important to him and he is bored with listening to my iPod in the car.

Lord help me to be faithful to write things down.

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