Saturday, January 10, 2009


I took our dog to dog obedience school and found that Ziggy was already willing to be trained and quite eager to please me. On the other hand I had to be trained to train him.

My training in dealing with my husband has taken turns. First I thought he was not doing his part. I was tempted to resort to nagging. I was very frustrated that he wasn't the husband he had been, doing "honey-dos" etc. , and sharing more in our home life.

When it finally hit me that I am in training, not him, it seems the Lord began to give me patience for dealing with him.

This is always as it should be in life. The Lord is in charge of changing that other person--not us.

Lord grant us patience. Amen.


  1. Wow, it is hard, when that realization hits. I've been hit before too.... many times =-).

    I'm praying for you both, ((Carol)).<-- that's a hug!

  2. Excellent observation! It is another "aha" moment as I have heard you comment before.

    I hope that I can keep this observation in mind as well in my own behavior. Lord, guide us with your patient hand while we are "in training" every moment of this earthly life.