Sunday, January 18, 2009


Medicine. There is a huge expenditure for the two memory medicines for my husband--roughly $300 a month (or $3600 a year). Fortunately my doctor has given me phone numbers where seniors can get the medicine for less and I am calling tomorrow about this possibility.

Emotional Stress. I succumbed to emotional eating and put weight back on this fall due to the stress of my husband's dementia. Now I am dieting again.

Time. We go over and over how to use the DVD player and how to record programs. I just keep explaining this to my husband. We write it down and I put labels on remote controls and equipment. Again I am in training for dealing with making tasks simple for him.

Gratitude. I am thankful that I have a thoughtful husband who asks maybe four times how my day was. Then four times I have the privilege of telling him how it was. I am grateful that he appreciates me and often says so. I am thankful that he has a job to go to that is people-centered and he loves it. These are good days. Thank you, Lord. Help me to rejoice always.

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  1. In the Atlanta area various stores are competing for people's pharmacy business. One way is that Kroger and RiteAide are giving out $25 gift cards for transferring a prescription. My wife switches my prescriptions around each month and gets the $25 gift cards from each -- since they don't keep track of when you previously transferred the prescription. Someday they'll get smart. My drugs are reasonably cheap so that each month we actually make money on the deal -- along with the $4 specials from Walmart that Kroger matches.

    However, this kind of think doesn't begin to cover a fraction of your costs.