Friday, January 2, 2009 article

Three things today.

First. I can now talk to be heard on my old cell so my husband can call me. Sprint will provide a new phone shortly.

Second, there is new interest in this blog and someone whose husband has altzheimer's may also join. Pray for her husband too because he has eye surgery tomorrow.

Third, an important-to-me article came to my e-mail today. It is called "Communicating Effectively When Alzheimer's Is an Issue" from and you can check it out if interested. O my goodness! Maybe Alzheimer's does apply to Herb because I read, "Alzheimer's affects each person differently. Some common communication obstacles, however, include difficulty finding the right word or words, repeating words, losing a train of throught, difficulty with logic, . . . and an increased use of curse words. If these occur, it's important to remember that these changes are due to the illness, that they're beyond the person's control, and that they are not aimed at you personally. . . .Because people with Alzheimer's have difficulty in following conversations, opt for short, clear communication. Fewer words are better than more, short sentences are better than long."

Yes he does revert to his old habits of swearing when frustrated. He did swear profusely when we had a guest recently! She went out to the deck and I also went out to explain to her that this must be due to his memory. I married an attentive, Godly husband--my requirement as a widow for a second marriage. He still is attentive, wanting to cuddle, telling me he loves me. God is in charge of his's holiness and I have to forgive his pre-sanctification habit of swearing. Maybe I can say "I see you are frustrated, Sweetheart."

The article also gave a phone number from the Alzheimer's Association--1-800-272-3900 and I am putting that phone number in the cell phone and keeping this working cell phone away from Ziggy!

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  1. Carol,
    I received the same article and thought of you and was going to fwd it to you. But you have it. I thought there was some good information in it. SandyKaye