Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Depression for us older people

Again came to my e-mail this morning--"Depression: Not a Normal Part of Aging". I learned:

  • Depression comes to us seniors (I am 64 and my husband is 71), but it is not necessary.
  • Prepare for changes. (This blog is helping me and I hope others too.)
  • Work to maintain friendships. Thank you Glenn and Sandy for joining this blog as well as for your friendship of long standing.
  • Develop hobbies. Lord knows I have them. Just look around my house. I am making a birthday gift for a friend, am writing a book, have a to do list. Much has been accomplished and the hobbies give me great joy. I made six gifts for Christmas; granted they were late, but they are finished.
  • Stay in touch with family. How great it is that regularly family and friends have e-mailed me that they are praying.
  • Break jobs into small tasks.
  • Exercise. My husband didn't want to go to the gym yesterday. I was calm about this and do want exercise in my life--my habits may rub off on him.
Water. This morning I suggested my husband drink more water at his job. I send it with his lunch, but it comes back and he only drinks the diet green tea. Tea, beer and coffee dehydrate us--we need the real stuff--water. I read that you have less signs of thirst when you are older, but still need that water. If you are dehydrated you will become more tired. If you are tired, you won't want to exercise. But if you exercise you will have more energy and will fight off depression! Water. Drink to it!

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