Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

We didn't stay up to see in the new year. When my dear husband and I woke up at 3:50 am, we wished each other Happy New Year, discussed that it was 2009, etc.

He is working today, but he failed to think about the fact not many people would be at the bank today where he is a security guard at the main desk checking in people. Usually on Saturdays or holidays his work is so slow and he brings his portable DVD player, but he forgot today. I think I will bring it to him so he can have something to do today. Or, should I bring it? Teach him a lesson?

Often I forget things also, and that teaches me a lesson. For example, yesterday somehow I did not have my cell phone in my purse or plugged in. I found it under the pool table where dog Ziggy hangs out with his toys. Ziggy found my cell phone (I don't know where) and chewed it so that his small teeth marks are in the metal and slobbered on it. Consequently you can call me on that cell phone, but the speaker doesn't work. I can't answer or call out. I can just text message until I get a new cell phone from Sprint or call on the home phone or my husband's cell.

We enjoyed the movie "Marley and Me" and have since remembered it. Ziggy's stealing of my cell phone is like Marley and we laugh about that.

Like the incapacitated cell phone, so much of my husband's dementia we can cope with. We just work around it and take one day at a time.

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  1. Thanks so much for your prayer support, Carol and for your willingness to read and contribute to this blog.

    I brought the Ziggy-chewed-phone to Sprint and they will send me a new one because there is insurance. Then we transferred me back to my old phone. It is wise because Herb calls and asks me questions like "Where are you?" when he forgets what is on the calendar.

    Yes, that movie "Marley and Me" is great. Ziggy just stole Herb's kleenex and we call him the "Sock Vampire" around here because he waits to take off with a sock; this Maltese will be two years in April and while he has been to dog training school, he needs some work. Herb and I both love him and each other.