Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving Thanks For Fifteen Again

  1. Hubby is walking again around the house. He willing uses a walker when we go out. When we seniors fall, it can mean broken bones and I am grateful he accepts that walker. 
  2. Chiropractors that helped hubby walk.
  3. Kenny who has come into our lives last spring. Kenny is a remarkable volunteer caregiver who enables me to continue to work. At the beginning of November, despite his own surgery, Kenny has continued to be there for us, and has even brought his mom into the picture. We are so grateful for these neighbors.
  4. Wayne and now Pharis who have taken up the challenge of our 7/10 of an acre. Hubby doesn't think a wife should mow the lawn, and the front and back yards were the place where in my blogging through the book The House That Cleans Itself  I have been hung up. 
  5. Professionals such as Carole Larkin and Dr. Mary Newport. 
  6. Support from The Alzheimer's Association.
  7. Our friends Sally and Jake (not their real names).
  8. The Plant City Senior Center where Jake and hubby go one day a week. 
  9. Bloggers who regularly comment on this blog and who provide fun and inspiration for me when I read their blogs. I would name you all, but I might forget someone. 
  10. Students I substitute for who provide such hope for the future and who have encouraging my becoming MC AC The Rap Lady. 
  11. My niece and nephew who started my YouTube rapping channel.
  12. Progress on my seminary counseling dissertation on caregiving even as I battle caregiving issues myself and people who provide feedback for that dissertation. 
  13. Having out-of-town guests for Thanksgiving.
  14. Having a great dog, Ziggy, that is a wonderful companion for my husband and me.
  15. My faith that sustains. For example, I am so grateful for the LORD's sustaining us through hospital trips for me in 2012 and for hubby in 2013.

Last year I posted 15 I am thankful for HERE  and I continue to be grateful for items on that list.

Also last year I posted 15 things a caregiver can do 
to be joyful HERE 
and it has received over 750 views. 
That's a lot on JOY this lowly blog 
has spread around!


  1. I read a book a few years ago called One Thousand Gifts that encouraged the habit of recording gifts from God we see and experience every day. It was one of those life changing books. and the principle has helped me through some very difficult days. It amazes me how our thoughts have so much influence over our emotions.

    1. You too?! I love her blog also--

      One silly gift I saw today is that the toilet set was up in the master bedroom which means my husband could stand this morning! Imagine being thankful for that gift! Usually wives try to train their husbands to put the seat down (and mine used to), but since Aug. 27 when DH couldn't walk, he had to use the urinal or sit down.

      Hooray he could stand this morning!

  2. First time visiting and commenting on your blog. I like this list of 15, especially #15. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your guests :)


    1. Betty,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I sure am enjoying the time off and having company. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Will have to check out your blog.