Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Rain

There is a beautiful song on Alzheimer's at and it is also on YouTube at

Hubby was stubborn this morning. Kenny came for pill, shaving and showering and hubby would have none of it. However, as Kenny reminded me, it is raining outside. By midday, Kenny came back and the pills, shave and shower were accomplished. Kenny added a grocery bag with a hole at the bottom attached with a rubber band so that the shower water could warm up while hubby was sitting in the shower. Then when the water was a warm temperature, the bag was removed.

From a Pinterest board
We do know that Alzheimer's patients are afraid of water.  I am reminded that with the change of time and seasons, sundowning behaviors happen.


  1. Your knowledge of this disease is serving your husband well!

    1. Thanks, Georgene.
      Hugs and prayers for you and your husband,