Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kudos for Outstanding Help

Kenny and nurse
Thursday night hubby and I 
visited Kenny in the hospital. 
DH used his walker and then 
inside the hospital the staff 
provided a wheel chair to 
Kenny's room and then back 
to our car. 

Incredibly when Kenny got out of the hospital Friday morning, Kenny came over to fix hubby's lunch. Today, Saturday, Kenny remembered that the First Baptist volunteer group, "Second Saturday", were coming this morning to install five grab bars for our two bathrooms. You may remember earlier HERE that Lowes and Home Depot would not send anyone out and we were trying Safe-er Grip, Balance Assist and, frankly, that wasn't working since hubby kept having problems walking and grips with suction cups would come off the tile. 

Where was I this morning? I was teaching a class for first-time drivers and I could not get out of teaching it. So dependable Kenny, in pain after his gall bladder surgery, came over this morning to help the volunteers know where to install the Moen Home Care Grab Bars

The previous seat HERE hubby rejected--he wasn't used to the Moen Home Care Locking Elevated Toilet Seat With Support Handles. Now there are two small grab bars in one bathroom above and three in the bath where hubby showers and shaves.

A grab bar at the right ushers DH into the bathroom. A slanted one helps him get up from the toilet and into the shower. A grab bar on the wall in the shower has his wash cloths. 

Could I get him to shower today? No. He is exhibiting strange behavior now. Perhaps Kenny will be well enough to help him shower and shave tomorrow before church. Kenny you may recall has him sit on the toilet seat while he is shaved and then skillfully moves him into the shower.

Meanwhile I am writing a post on hallucinations, delusions and delirium and watching hubby go downhill, sadly. I am also working on my dissertation on being dementia caregiver. 


  1. Kenny is an angel sent from heaven! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful neighbor. I'm thankful to hear that he is doing better. I have a gall bladder that has been acting up. Not fun!

    1. Absolutely an angel sent and the men bond so well. It was a medical decision to go ahead with the gal bladder surgery, even though Kenny's liver has problems. The doctors thought that the surgery was needed before Kenny's liver got worse.

  2. With pain still from surgery, Kenny came over Sunday morning before hubby was out of the bedroom. Together the pill popping buddies took their morning pills. Then skillfully Kenny coached DH into walking into the bathroom to sit on the toilet lid for his shave. Kenny got hubby into the shower next. Please pray for Kenny's recovery.

  3. I had my gall bladder out right after Danny was born & couldn't imagine jumping right back into care-giving (somebody other than a newborn, that is). Love to Kenny!

    1. I will pass your comment on to Kenny. Wednesday and Thursday of this week Kenny has been over here while I substituted. Wednesday DH even gave Kenny trouble taking pills; Kenny counseled me Wednesday as I was worried about delirium. Thursday hubby was better for Kenny and ate well the dinner and ice cream I fixed in the evening.