Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coconut Oil Revisited

Take time to view  Tradition of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil video. These are the people I buy our coconut oil from and their video is informative. Loving Your Guts blog is giving away expensive coconut oil here. Go there soon to enter. I also have a link to Tropical Traditions at the bottom right of this blog.

Here is a research link from Dr. Mary Newport, where I first got this information. Happy Birthday, Dr. Newport--today is her birthday!
Use Wih Oatmeal, Stews, Casseroles
If there is something I can put coconut oil in, I usually do. My adaptation for coconut oil toasted cheese sandwiches on this blog has had many hits as has Mary Newport's information. .

My Station Where I Put Make Coconut Fudge

Most often now, however, I just make coconut oil fudge from Dr. Newport's book. This fudge is my husband's "go to" food for breakfast and for lunch. I give him two cubes at each meal. Sometimes he gets some with his ice cream at night as well. It is half dark chocolate chips (dark chocolate is an antioxidant) and Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. After melting together equal amounts of the two ingredients in the microwave, I mash with a potato masher and put in ice cube trays. Once frozen, I pop out the cubes and store in the refrigerator. I have a "station" (concept from The House That Cleans Itself)  for making it in my kitchen.

This oil calms my husband and perhaps slows down the Alzheimer's. It is controversial, but finally Johnny Byrd Alzheimer's Center is doing research on it. When this center first diagnoised my husband, they smiled at my use of it--like I am crazy. Now they are doing a research study. Yes, my husband is slowly going downhill, but maybe not as much as you would expect.

Coconut oil has all kinds of benefits, not just for Alzheimer's patients. It apparently is an antibiotic. My copy of The Coconut Oil Miracle is loaned out and for good reason.


  1. Hi Carol,

    How coincidental that you posted about coconut oil today. I prepared my first meal with it last night. I'm trying the Paleo diet as it is highly endorsed by an integrative medicine doctor in Colorado. She holds retreats for cancer survivors periodically and there is a chef who cooks wonderful Paleo-based meals for the participants. I had NO IDEA that coconut oil produces other benefits like slowing down memory issues. It's fascinating to read of the health benefits of certain foods, isn't it?

  2. Yes it is, Terri, and the GAPS diet uses it as well. The link to Loving Your Gut free give-away is all about the GAPS diet.

  3. Hi Carol, I'm not getting around much anymore. I've gotten involved in a lot of volunteer work and haven't had time to read and correspond. Just wanted you to know that I think of y'all often and keep you in my prayers!