Monday, January 14, 2013

Demented Humor

So yesterday our esteemed pastor is preaching and I really have to go to the bathroom. I whisper to my husband where I am going. When I return to my seat in the pew, he whispers to me that everyone could hear me pee [not true], but that not to worry he told our pastor to preach louder.

At night and sometimes during the day I wear braces on my wrists due to my carpal tunnel. He told his great grandson that I wear these because I beat up on my husband. The great grandson instructed me to be nicer to my husband. The demented humor of a person with dementia. I tell ya!

If life doesn't go smoothly, hubby gets angry. He gets angry at other drivers as if they can help the traffic and are being inconsiderate of him as a passenger in our car. I am his calming influence because I understand it is not the non-swearing hubby I married, but it is his disease. I can use distraction often. I have also learned that he doesn't remember that he got angry about something. It is soon gone like all other memories.

Let's go out for dinner, I suggest, when he seems to have lost his good humor. It works. He begins to show the humor I love. We blow the straw paper off at each other often to the amusement of the waiter or other diners.

December 22nd we did that with our straws at Chilli's in the Tampa Airport. The people at the next table started laughing.  I asked them if they would like to laugh some more and then I ended up singing "Southern Wonderland" with the next table. I passed out copies of my lyrics and led this nearby table in song. When you are 68 you have the right to a little eccentric fun, I figured.

Hubby recalled about my leading singing in a restaurant.  Jake and I just hid then, he told me. I laughed at his recollection, but didn't correct him. Jake wasn't with us when we ate before our economy flight, even though Jake and Sally had driven us to the airport.

Jake and DH always tease each other. Today Sally and I are both substitute teaching and Jake will hang out here, assembling our new Ikea coffee table (for area # 6 in the house improvement). They won't remember all the funny things they tease each other about, but Sally and I can just image!

I love the humor!  Humor works!
Thank you, LORD, for humor in the midst of this Alzheimer's journey with our loved ones.


  1. One of our caregivers, Becky, and I just LOVE Ballard Street comics. You can Google it, and get a daily cartoon by email if you want. It HAS to be written by someone who has experience with Dementia patients, or at least seniors. Some of them are SO funny!

    They say, laughter is good medicine. I completely agree with that!

  2. I agree with Laurie...... laughter is wonderful medicine it helps to get us through each day!
    Hugs and prayers,

  3. I am still smiling and laughing over your first paragraph. Is that wrong? Laughter has gotten me through my worst moments, so naturally I'm a big fan. This is one of my favorite posts you've done.