Sunday, January 27, 2013

Junk Bunkers Don't Belong in The House That Cleans Itself

Junk bunkers kill progress. It's the truth. You think it looks neat, but you DO have to go through what is in them. Here are some of my junk bunkers I am no longer using on my husband's pool table.

Not Going to Use These
Quick! I got them off of the cleaned pool table. In the background at the top right on the floor you can barely see two black hanging folders boxes that I actually use in teaching. Those black hanging folders contain back-up plans should my LCD projector break or the electricity go out while I am teaching a class.

Here are some pictures from stores that sell junk bunkers.


Hobby Lobby

I also posted a picture of junk bunkers from Staples on December 4th. Sometimes I bought those junk bunkers from such stores. I think that maybe Flylady coined that term, but often I got them from yard sales thinking I had a real "find"! You certainly cannot dust them!

Just wait until I tackle Area # 7 of  our home--the guest bedroom. I always use it for junk, and when we have company I hide the junk elsewhere. Why before his Alzheimer's my husband built shelves on the wall for my junk baskets! How unsightly! Like our master bedroom, Area # 4, the guest bedroom will take a lot of time. I am embarrassed to show you, but I will show the before pictures when the after pictures are done for Area #7. Please be patient with me, because I do work outside the home--4 1/2 days substituting in public schools next week and then Saturday teaching six hours of a class for DUI offenders. (So glad that I can work when I want to or need to for income.)

By the way, Area # 6, the Dining room and Family Room, is as done as can be now. Again the carpets need to be cleaned, and I would like to have the fireplace inspected for safety because in the 12 years we have lived here we have never had a fire in it, although hubby says we have. Alzheimer's twists your memory.

It was a pleasure to have company last week. I showed the dining room table in the private Facebook group for The House That Cleans Itself. You need to be dedicated to your home to get into that Facebook group and it helps to read the book. The new edition of this book will be coming out  in February and I will review it on this blog.


  1. Nice going :-) It is so true that decoratve stuff ends up full of junk and needing dusting etc. Sometmes storage can look good. I have a couple of nice boxes with decopage sides holding cards and stationary and quite like them.

  2. I gave away all my baskets & then rec'd this letter from Joey's preschool:

    "We DESPERATELY need basket donations for our big fundraiser this year - each class will be putting together a collection of goodies requiring its own individual BASKET."

    Oops. Story of my life. Bad timing.

    I'm still loving your tenacity!

  3. Marianne, which one pictured do you want?

  4. Thanks for the generous offer, Carol! I think we're covered now (one of the moms hit the basket jackpot at Michael's).

  5. Several baskets are going to Toastmasters Monday night filled with Toastmaster magazines as I speak on "The House That Cleans Itself". Doing of Power Point talk and then all the Toastmasters will know about my messes and where I hit stuff during that Toastmasters Christmas party one year. Hope I do not have to bring those baskets home!