Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beginning Area 5 of The House That Cleans Itself

Today I am staying home to be with hubby, work on the house and attend to my "to do" list. I better make this post short.

Books, books and more books!  And how to part with them! Our den used to have more books before the pool table. We gave away several floor-to-ceiling bookcases of hubby's theological books and sold others to Baker Book House. That was five years ago before Alzheimer's was officially in the picture.

Now it is my books I am dealing with. Novels can be sold and checked out from the public library. Other books can go to Mae's Bookstore Paperback Exchange--right across the street from the above sign in Plant City.  

Books have ended up by the piano in our living room, my current room to work on. I posted this picture in the private The House That Cleans Itself group on Facebook. You can ask to join that group if you too are working on your home and we are Facebook friends. Start by "Liking" at the top right of this blog.

Some books are really good for "re-gifting".  For example, I have been taking subject area books to school when I substitute. I brought books and materials for teaching English to other languages when I substituted in one of those ESOL classes recently; boy was I glad because there were no lesson plans and I had something to do. Yesterday I gave five books to the Reading Coach at a middle school where I taught. By the way, yesterday I was delighted to talk with a teacher who has been through this book and the system is working for her and she is working the system.

Some books I might use on this blog--health books for example. What to do? I am putting them in one of my now empty bins and storing them under the pool table.  Flylady in an e-mail says this week,


I exceeded the limit on photos on Google and am trying to see what I can do about it. I can post pictures that I have already posted, but not new ones from my computer. This is such a shame because the last post with pictures of the master bedroom here has had 86 views to date. Also, on advice from several trusted people am looking into monetizing this blog. Any suggestions for photos and monetizing?
Added mid January 2013: Picasa Web Album allows me to download from my computer. Still trying to decide on monetizing, especially since I am now paying $2.49 a month to add more pictures.


  1. :( Sticking with Google without photos! Thinking of either BlogHer or Amazon books.

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