Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Supplements That May Help

Regularly my husband gets all the nutrition we can afford. The Alzheimer's Reading Room (http://www.alzheimersreadingroom./ has many posts that give insight and here is one with a chart I saved from their research.
What? No coconut oil? I know it works. It is interesting that Dr. Mary Newport's video on coconut oil is the most popular post ever viewed on Plant City Lady and Friends--top of that list. I do not think that my husband would still be in stage one and so happy if it weren't for his coconut oil. Dr. Newport also told me by e-mail to not neglect his Alzheimer's medicines because of the coconut oil, and so twice a day hubby gets Namenda and Exelon pills.

My husband prefers Lipton Diet Green Tea. Notice that green tea is high on that list. So is Omega 3 oil which according to an article by Megan Brooks  may protect against Alzheimer's. I got some that is like candy to give my husband from Winn Dixie the other day. He does take fish oil tablets, but does not like salmon as I do and try to eat whenever I can.

Fran Lowry writes that berries help cognitive decline in this article. Daily my husband has been getting blueberries with his 4 ounces of Activia yogurt. I get the 24 oz container of Activia and make six portions that include those blueberries. At times I substitute strawberries for the blueberries. Yesterday he ate two of those yogurt/blueberry mixtures from the frig. Last night I served my husband strawberry shortcake, instead of his usual ice cream.
There is a lot to say for super foods. Recently I heard that cooked spinach, tumeric, tomatoes, almonds and dark chocolate are super foods. Now spinach is a hard one to sell on my husband, but I'm going to try to put it into dishes. He gets tumeric in supplements from Vitacost. Tomatoes are easy--salad. I found some almonds with cinnamon that are good snacks for him. When I can I will make his daily coconut fudge with dark chocolate chips--maybe next time I will put almonds in his fudge.

When our loved ones with Alzheimer's get the best nutrition possible, surely this helps their overall health. When they get an infection, or break a bone, I have read, their disease progresses quickly. And, whatever I do for him, also helps his caregiver/spouse--me.


  1. Yes! Food is so important. I have watched the effects of food good and bad on older people for a few years now and it is definitely noticable. (I notice the effects of certain foods on myself, also...) I think good food could take the place of a lot of supplements and medications that lots of people take (though not all of them, of course).

  2. I bought some coconut oil today. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.. but it's in my cupboard. :-) I think I want to make the fudge.

    Supplements are so expensive.. esp. when you are on a low budget. I buy a few necessary ones but can't affor anymore.

    God knows. :-)