Friday, June 22, 2012

Alzheimer's Husband Travels by Himself

Hubby wanted to know again and again if I would take him to the airport and if I would pick him up. Repeatedly he wanted to be assured of this and repeatedly he noted how he would miss me. Of course I would miss him as well, but my family had arranged a cruise for me as respite time and DH was to visit his son and family out of state and meet his two new great grandsons (ticket thoughtfully paid for by his son). That son would drive several hours to an airport so that his father wouldn't have to transfer planes.

Yesterday hubby wanted to go with me on errands. The Alzheimer's loved one always wants to be with us.

"But the lawn isn't mowed," I reminded him. Now hubby will always try to arrange it to be with me, and has a tendency to put off mowing the lawn.

"I don't have any gas for the riding lawn mower," he objects.

I show him where there are other gas cans full of gas and I leave on my errands. He calls me on my cell to again say there is no gas so he can't mow. I tell him again where the gas cans are. He calls me on my cell to say I don't have to come home, because he found out there is plenty of gas. Sure enough when I get home the front yard is mowed and half of the back yard as well. The job that he has conveniently put off is 2/3 finished.

It was his turn to pray last night when we went to bed and he holds my hand tight. Thank you, LORD,  for this wonderful opportunity of our vacations. I often remind him of things to pray about, although he amazes me when he prays--how grateful he is and what he does remember.

Ready to fly today. Ziggy, our dog, is ready for his vacation also, only he thinks in his canine mind that he will go with us as he did when we camped on Memorial Day weekend. He is dropped off at the kennel.

We get to the airport ahead of time to arrange my walking him to the door of the plane. See here. Hubby and I have lunch at TGIF (not at all sure of the Weight Watcher points in a Cobb salad). We proceed through the security check points, me with my prearranged pass printed today easily because I had made that trip to the airport. I got body searched because of the wire on my bra, but somehow they didn't notice the sharp knife in my purse that I had gotten for free at Sams last week.

When hubby is ready to board, I give him a kiss and later text him (he may not know how to retreive the text). His cell is turned off. There is a picture of our dog, Ziggy, on his cell, which I think he will look at and then maybe retrieve the text.
It felt like I was a parent sending a child off to college. I knew the trip would be great and he could be with his family and meet two great grandchildren he has yet to meet. But I needed to pray more.

I went to the airport chapel and commited this week apart to the LORD. I know that the break for me is much needed, even though my husband doesn't understand respite time and we have only called it our vacations arranged by thoughtful family. LORD, help me not gain 10 pounds on my cruise. It is so hard to lose when you are older.

Just before posting this his son called to say that DH has safely arrived, minus his shaving cream which was confiscated. Thank you, LORD. Now it is time for me to finish packing for my cruise with my sister-in-law.

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  1. Wow, Carol, kudos to DH and to you, too, for having the faith to trust the Lord with your husband. I hope he feels proud of his accomplishment.

  2. I trust you both have a wonderful break. Like you, my sister travelled all around UK and Europe from Australia and was never stopped for the multi purpose pocket knife in her hand bag!

  3. Hubby calls several times while I am in the shower and asks, "How do I get my suitcase open?"

  4. Here's hoping and praying both of you have wonderful vacation!!

  5. God is so gracious to give you both a special time of refreshment. How nice that hubby is all settled and traveled so well. Now, you go and have a great time with your sis.

  6. You both have been on my mind today. Prayers and hugs, I hope you both have a good break =-D
    Love, Kerry

  7. I hope you both have wonderful, restful times!

    We love you!


  8. Travel home was a success and my cruise was so refreshing. Thanks for your comments.

  9. I hope you both have a very rested time to prepare you for the days ahead.