Monday, May 21, 2012

Saga Twenty-Four

I had to attend a workshop in Orlando, Florida. Hubby wanted to go with me and was willing to sit in a lounge area during the 9 to 4 workshop. The first hour he contentedly sat there--no TV--didn't want a paper. He still reads hymns at church when we sing, but doesn't like to read much else except his daily schedule. This has got to be annoying for him, I thought.

I asked one workshop participant who sat next to me if she would mind moving to the only other vacant seat in the room. The leaders agreed to let my husband into the workshop to sit beside me. This worked so well.

After the workshop, he said to me, "Carol, you work so hard. What fun thing do you want to do here in Orlando?"

"Outlet malls," I quickly replied.

"That it is!" was his reply.

At a large outlet mall with lots of customers, lots of purchases, we found a cool table with an umbrella for him to sit at while I went into Victory Secrets to buy gifts for two bridal showers. Success--I got the gifts! While I was gone, a gentleman approached my husband and asked if he had any money. Hubby said "yes" and gave him the $9 he had in his wallet. He could tell me about it later because it was an unusual happening for him. The next day at church he could also remember and talk about this event. I love the generous LORD in my hubby. Hubby was generous with a stranger and also generous with letting me have down time to go shopping.

We went on to find a place to eat supper on International Drive, so famous for all kinds of entertainment, shops and eating places. In the midst of traffic I turned left into a strip mall and found another umbrella place for hubby. Beautiful weather. He is happy to sit anywhere when I am nearby and if he needs me he calls me on my cell. He just doesn't have energy to walk around. I headed to a gift shop and found another gift for someone. He calls when I am paying for this T-shirt and then I meet him at the outside table. A waiter with an "I love Jesus" cap has given him a glass of cold water and we are invited in to eat at OWhirlyDome, 6464 International Drive.

It turned out to be a place that had been open only two days. We eat so boring usually, especially because I am on Weight Watchers, but decided on fancy with coconut! Coconut oil is on hubby's daily menu. We ordered a large coconut shrimp appetizer and a citrus salad--both so delicious--and shared both. We complimented the management that we couldn't remember when we had recently enjoyed our meal so much and said our waitress was so lovely. Hubby also enjoyed his Johnny Black Scotch and water! With not a lot of customers yet, I chatted with the waitress and performed two of my raps for her. Danielle said she was going to make that coconut fudge that hubby gets every day usually.

We drove home and I worked on my seminary paper on stress management--prayer and the caregiver. That 20 page paper is essentially done now, although the topic is huge. Have seen wonderful answers to prayer recently also.

Yes. I always have a lot going on and hubby just wants to be with me. Sigh!

Today we will go to the monthly senior group at Sally and Jake's church, where we are becoming regulars. I have been asked to do the devotional. I am talking on "leaving a prayer legacy."


  1. Although I know it must be tiring for you, it is very precious that he is happy just to be with you ♥

  2. You have a busy, interesting and fun life...... I'm so happy for you!!!!
    You can't get any better than having your husband "want' to be with you... that's so sweet!!!
    Take care...
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!!

  3. It sounds like you both had a pretty pleasant day...He is so sweet (so are you!)