Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cell Phones Cell Phones

My husband has trouble holding on to things like names of people, cell phones and yesterday his watch. This is not good for maintaining his equalibrium. The cell phone had been lost for five days and yesterday morning his watch came up missing. Calling that cell didn't work. We suspected the dog. Last night we set out after my day of substitute teaching to get either a working watch or a new cell. I think that he can use the cell to tell the time and date which is the function of his cheap Walmart watch. But I don't know that I can convince my husband he needs only the cell. He was given an expensive watch by my California brother several years ago and we take that watch in to get a battery and it turns out it also needs a new part to be able to set that watch. The repair will cost almost as much as a new Walmart watch will cost. I decide to wait and we go to Sprint to see about a cell. (We have lost cells before.) We get a new upgrade phone for him that has a camera in it that maybe he can use with his trip to see his son. I wonder if he can be trained to see the time and date on that cell instead of a watch, thinking that his watch may show up also.

Sure enough, his cheap Walmart watch with the day and date on it (Tues. May 1) that we love was on the bed,  hidden in the covers all day when neither one of us took time to make the bed. It had come off when he slept last night and I will try to get it superglued back together or maybe use velcro to fix it as you can't get a new watch band for it.

Meanwhile I am using the opportunity to program his cell phone to put memory clues in it like my name with "wife" and "neighbor" with name.

The school district says those phones may not be seen in class. When I substitute teach, I deliver one of my "old lady raps"/poems at the end of class when the students are on task and quiet.  Earlier this year I was substituting at a high school and took a cell away first period. Second period I took a cell away. Third period an actual request, "Can we talk on our iPhones when our work is done?" Everyone in that third period had a smart phone and one girl had a monster drink. Inspiration for a picture and a rap! I took a picture of everyone's phone and the monster drink and then the cell phones were hidden and the first draft of that rap was given at the end of the class.

Cell phones cell phones
You all have cell phones
Keep them hidden
They are forbidden.
Steve Jobs has cast his spell
But district policy says no cell
Steve Jobs’ iPhone can help you cheat
Text that question quite a feat.
“Are we allowed to talk on our
iPhones when we are done?”
I reply “No you can’t my son.”
But what will we do for fun?
You can have a Monster drink
That caffeine will help you think.
But district policy says no cell.
Even though Steve Jobs has cast his spell.
The district says no hood or caps
But you can hear a sub who raps.
Cell phones cell phones
You all have cell phones
Keep them hidden
They are forbidden.

One time a school principal actually did the background beat to my rap. Now the drama of my husband's cell phone and watch is greater in my life than the classroom battle. Alzheimer's is drama and keeping my husband in stage one normal is all my current drama.


  1. Great stuff, Carol!! I cannot imagine teaching or subbling in high school now. As I always say, the kids have to be shorter than me!!

  2. Oh Carol,

    I had to smile not only at the cellphone and watch problem but the RAP!!
    We never had a sub like that when I was in school and I never thought to give it a try when I subbed in our school system LOL!!

    Hubby has issues with his watches also. He was actually obsessed with them for a while. He can't tell time or know what day, date or year it is but he HAS to have a watch at all times. He has a nice collection and at least they are something he likes to hold and look at :)

  3. No go on cell phone only for date and time. We were able to get a $8 watch band to fix hubby's belowed watch.

  4. We are praying for you as you are living through this drama that God has seen fit to give you. But He is always, always, faithful and steadfast.


  5. Thanks, gals. Dana, I also appreciate our phone conversation last night where each of us learned more how we can pray for each other. Kathy, peace has come back since hubby has his watch back with the new watch band.

  6. Carol this is a great rap, and how lucky are the young people to have a sub who educates in such a fun way!

    I'm praying your days are going well!

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