Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Quilt for Another Grandson

I finally had time to work on his quilt while I stayed home. My husband's grandson sent me this picture of a pillow on a Facebook message earlier in the year, so that was the idea I had to work with for his quilt.  

His older brother and his bride got one in 2009 at their wedding with their chosen colors.

His sister received one HERE last summer and next oldest brother received one HERE in January. It was his turn--he is the next oldest. 

Now it would be impossible to put a white or rounded edge around quit patches as pictured in the above pillow, so I had to work with the same colors with a black background. Unfortunately I didn't buy enough black material. So I went back to JoAnn's and bought more. Although it was the same fabric, it was different black because it was not off of the same bolt. So the darker black is on the top of the quilt you will see below. 

I found an Irish design and the grandson liked it. His mother has some Irish blood I believe. 

I cut out the squares using a rotary cutter on a green rotary mat made for this purpose (OLFA makes these). This mat was much more suitable than the plywood I used before. 
Put front together on vacation
On vacation at my family's home in March, I laid out the quilt  The front of the quilt was ready to be put together when we returned from our trip.

Again he wanted pockets in his quilt. He and I decided to use that karate material his brother had for some of the squares. One of my husband's shirt pocket is at the top, and, like his brother's quilt, a jeans pocket is on the back. The pockets can be used for cell phones or whatever. The grey pocket fit into the design. 

The back of the quilt is what gives this quilt warmth. I did not have to use other batting as I found a great zigzag fleece fabric in grey and red. When I substituted in art one day, the students loved the pattern of the quilt--so I guess it is modern. But I did encounter bunching up of material with that fleece so the top stitching did not go as planned and the whole project slowed down even has my husband's caregiving needs increased. This fleece is not as sturdy in stitching as cotton is. To give the quilt more color I chose a fun material for the binding and used the same technique as I have for other quilts, mitering the corners as I did two years ago HERE

Ta da! 

Below is the finished 
quilt ready to mail.  
Front and back with red & black binding;
jeans pocket on back for cell phone
Grandpa and Ziggy in background


  1. I like Ziggy's vantage point. That is a beautiful quilt, Carol; I know it will be appreciated by your grandson! Lots of love and hard work went into it!

    It is good you have a hobby like this that you can do while you have to be at home.


    1. Yes, it is good to have projects to do when you need to stay home. Ziggy waits for some action in the household. I think I will go throw him his toys so he can have some fun too

  2. All those quilts are beautiful. Another providential positive of your currently having to be at home. I do envy my crafty friends just a little. I have ladies who bring their knitting, crocheting etc to meetings. Very industrious.

    1. Thanks, Julie. It means so much to me that you have been following this journey. There is one more quilt to make for the youngest of my husband's grandchildren. A quilt is only one way to leave a legacy. When my mother died, she left prayer lists in her purse for her children. I wish I had kept those prayer lists, but her memory is in my heart.

  3. Grandson got it and likes it.

    I am so tired now, but glad I got this done. Other challenges await me.

  4. Good for you! I'm sure you are relieved it's finished and that your grandson likes it. Do you have a quilter? It almost looked like it was rolled on a quilter. I used to love to quilt. I can't afford to quilt with matching colors these days and I've lost the love of doing long projects. I sure enjoy looking at quilts others make though! Aprons are my speed these days. :-) Love to you!

    1. I have a great sewing machine and quilting foot (a Viking by Husqvarna) that lets me sew through thick layers. I put tailor's chalk on the top and followed that until I realized the back was bunching up and I had to take out a lot of stitches. Then I based by hand and sewed on the back.

      Aprons and cupcakes are sure having a come back--aren't they!

  5. Oh! A Viking is top of the line in sewing machines. You are blessed!

    Yes, I think aprons are making a come back. I've worn them for half of my married life. I make new ones each year because I get them so dirty that they look awful. They really save my clothing and help them to last longer. I have a pattern that is reversible. It's called a 'church apron'. :-)