Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quilt Gifts

I showed the fabric world map in the last post. I just love making gifts for family and these lap quilts are educational as well for three families with small children.

Since last post I have quilted by machine on the latitude and longitude lines of the map. Actually I did every other line. Then I cut out the edging on the bias.

Fold 2 3/4 inch bias strips in half and iron
Sew edging to the front of the cloth world map
    Sewing bias strips together

Sew to back and miter corners

Great help from three ladies.

I bought my Swedish Viking sewing machine from this store and they continue to help me with projects. Owner Becky suggested the stiped fabric borders; Melody, whom I took a class from several years ago, suggested I use the 505 Spray and Fix instead of stressing my carpal tunnel wrists by pinning the brown or animal print to the back of the world map cloth. Holly refreshed me on the best way to do edging for this project.

What did I do? I knew about how to miter the corners. I used my braces on the wrists while I sewed on the machine with its fabulous quilting foot, and cut with the pictured flat edge scissors so I didn't have to bend my wrists.

Tools that helped me.

Off to the post office and then finishing  a few Christmas cards. DH was very proud of these quilts.


  1. I love the idea of the map as a quilt. They'll love it!

  2. Wow, you have been busy. They are going to be wonderful gifts that will get tons of use. Great going, girl.

  3. I love the idea of sewing and knitting and quilting, but I am a Home Economics 8th grade failure. The stigma has never left me.

    Beautiful stuff!

  4. Thanks, Ladies. Went to FedX Thursday about 5 pm and addressed the package to The Geography Grandpa, who with his wife, will host on Christmas his adult children who both have young kids. I picture my brother teaching world geography while his grandchildren sit on his lap. One more quilt almost done to finish for my husband's great grandchildren and their family. Not sure if my hubby will be as skilled at teaching geography as my brother is.

    Marianne, you always crack me up with laughter. Love your column at the Chicago Tribune. Home Ec is a lost art these days and it was lost on me because I am taking a remedial course at age 68 from the book "The House That Cleans Itself" and I have been putting off my HOMEwork for that course.

  5. Two quilts successfully delivered by FedX Friday night. Last one done and ready be given Christmas Eve. However, my quilting foot came apart Friday night while I was finishing the third quilt and 10 minutes before closing Fabric Warehouse helped me put it together again. Christmas cards were finished Friday. Whew!