Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Respite Time and Prayer

My lovely sister-in-law called and asked me to take a break with her in several months. She is planning to take me on a cruise while my brother is on a golfing holiday. I am so overwhelmed by her generosity.

Our LORD Jesus took breaks. He, the second person of the trinity, needed breaks when He was human. He prayed for God's will before He went to the cross on our behalf.

I mentioned to DH about the cruise, last night, and he was not happy with the idea. Today he has forgotten about it. My prayer partner this morning said to make plans to go and figure out who will take care of DH and don't mention it again. DH probably doesn't realize he needs care--reminders to eat, take his pill, etc. Friends, please pray that someone or several people will come forward to offer respite time for me.

I am writing a paper on prayer for my current counseling class and really concentrating on being WITH our LORD and also praying for others. I ask friends, How can I pray for you? You now know one thing you can pray about for me now--respite arrangements. This is my leap year request.

DH is out in the backyard
mowing the lawn now.
So glad he can still do this
on his riding lawn mower.
The dog and I watched
from the porch
and then I clapped.


  1. I'll be praying for you. I know how important this can be and it is so kind of your sis-in-law to offer. It's hard for me to think of enjoying myself on a "vacation" apart from my hubby, but the farther along we get in this illness, I can see that trying to drag him all over the place, can be unpleasant for HIM. Sometimes we have to have a reality check and go "recreate" apart from our loved one and it is not selfish to do so. We were able to take a 3 day trip to our favorite beach last November, but only because our daughter and her husband came along to help us. It was lovely to see him walk along the beach, unassisted, or guided. Stopping to pick up pebbles as in the old days. I never could have taken him alone, because the logistics of getting him in and out of the car, finding "family" bathrooms along the way, etc, would have been impossible alone. I consider it one of the treasures of my life that we were able to go. I don't think we can do it again, now as his needs have increased even more, and I hate the thought of going without him, but eventually that time will come. So I definitely understand and will be praying for just the right people to come alongside for your hubby.

  2. Thanks so much, Laurie, for your prayers and understanding. The trip you took last November sounded so timely for you all. We enjoyed camping last year also, but it is so much work for me--easy for my husband. This wonderful offer of a free cruise has put me in a real tailspin. My prayer partner says I need to do this and of course I wish that someone would just come forward and offer help so I can go at this time in our Alzheimer's journey when maybe I can get away to recreate and my husband is still amazingly in stage one and easy for someone else to have as a houseguest. Caregivers do suffer with so many emotions and this wonderful offer still puts me in a tailspin about my husband. He did not like it when I told him about the cruise, but has now of course forgotten about it. Hopefully when I "spring" this on him he will be accepting because someone, such as his daughter, son or even his sister will offer to have him visit for three days or a week or however long the cruise will be. I have no idea if his family really read this blog often at all to know how to care and pray for us. I have to get up the nerve to ask them, which is part of my tailspin of emotions.

  3. I pray for someone to be there for you. Don't forget to inquire with your local Alzheimers group if there is help available for you. I know you need that cruise so desperately and what a sweet thing for your sister-in-law to offer it to you. Keep us posted.

  4. Good news. My husband's son will take my husband for a week and even pay to fly him there! Thank you Lord.

  5. What a wonderfully generous gift from your sister in law AND from your husband's son!

    Enjoy your time away. Refresh your body and spirit :)

  6. Kathy, Latane and Laurie, please also remember to pray for this time that my husband wouldn't get disoriented flying by himself and have an Alzheimer's sundowning experience without someone to guide him through the experience. Hope to send those daily schedules with him for his time away to remind him of my love and where I am on the seven day cruise. So any of you have experience with a week respite time and if so any advice?

  7. We flew to Florida to see our kids a year ago. I found it difficult, but I know your hubby is still in early stages. You might see what the airline policy is regarding assisting the disabled. I requested disability assistance, and received good attention, in fact you can go past security, all the way to the gate with them, and meet them at the gate so they don't have to navigate alone. Our daughter accompanied us past security to the gate. Even so, I doubt we will fly again without someone with us. It was pretty hard for me. I don't know how long your flight is, but there's the bathrooming issues on the plane, etc. You know your hubby and his understanding, but keep in mind that the whole airport/flying experience can be confusing, esp if you are not there, and he forgets why and where he is going. I'm not trying to be negative, just caution you so you can plan well. Airlines will "assist" the disabled, but not do "caregiving". The other passengers on both flights were very understanding and helpful, as it was hard to get Gary into and out of his seat due to his coordination and understanding. I like the idea of sending the schedules...sounds like a great way to remind him. I certainly will be praying for you both as you plan for this wonderful time. Part of your relaxation and respite, will be due to knowing your husband is ok. I'm sure you'll figure out all the details well in advance.