Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Fear of a Caregiver

Those of us who are caregivers may have a whole lot to fear: our loved one may wander; hallucinations that result in violence; difficulties communicating; how it will all end; will our money run out; will our loved one continue to trust us or will they become suspicious; will they tell us if they have a pain; will they leave the stove on; will they leave the house naked; will I be asleep when something happens; end-of-life decisions when they can no longer swallow; will the loved one accept outside help so we can get a break; what if I can't take care of the loved one and how can I afford nursing home care; how can I maintain our home when it used to take two to do that. The worries are endless.

So the Obama administration has a new health care initiative for Alzheimer's that promises:
"In addition, the Fiscal Year 2013 budget to be released next week will include $80 million dollars in new research funding," US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said today during a media briefing at the National Press Club. "Altogether, the Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013 investments total $130 million in new Alzheimer's research funding over 2 years, more than a 25% increase over the current annual Alzheimer's research investment," she said. The initiative also includes an additional $26 million in caregiver support, provider education, public awareness, and improvements in data infrastructure." See link.
How does the Alzheimer's and caregiver support get funneled down? How comforting is this?

What is comforting is the words that I read in my Bible yesterday from Psalm 31:1-7, NIV.

LORD, I have gone to you for safety;
Don't let me ever be put to shame.
Save me, because you do what is right.
Pay attention to me.
Come quickly to help me.
Be the rock I go to for safety.
Be the strong fort that saves me;
You are my rock and my fort.
Lead me and guide me for the honor of your name.
Free me from the trap that is set for me.
You are my place of safety.
Into your hands I commit my very life.
LORD, set me free. You are my faithful God.
I hate those who worship worthless statues of gods.
I trust in the LORD.
I will be glad and full of joy because you love me.
You saw that I was hurting.
You took note of my great pain.


  1. What a great post, Carol. I was almost afraid to read it because, by the title, I thought it would be about Alzheimer's patients having a fear of their caregivers. But, all the fears you listed are just as overwhelming. I love how the post transitioned from those fears to the hopeful and soothing bible passage. As far as the money for caregiver's goes - I hope it does trickle down and have an impact where it's needed.

  2. Just about every other day lately I have had a real struggle. My husband is naive about his Alzheimer's, every though he knows he has it. I struggle with living each moment and planning for the future as wisely as possible. I appreciate your prayers.

  3. Carol, I can relate to your fears, only adding--"What if my young adult kids don't want to be involved, feeling justified because Steve and I made provsion early on for his Alzheimer's care?" I quietly alluded to this in the post of 2/8. As for this latest "initiative?" I put no faith in any claim made by this administration in an election year--more senior citizen wooing with money the U.S. Treasury doesn't even have! If more working-age adults had jobs, they could help support their afflicted parents. glad you brought this to my attention. Have a blessed day with your husband---may he be positive and cooperative today! Love, Dana

  4. What to say........ what to say. Alzheimer's is so tragic and overwhelming it leaves me speechless.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.