Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alzheimer's Disease Took a Great President

Click on this link. Ronald Reagan's Church's Tribute  I have been to this church in Bel Air, California, before this tribute was made. Will that church mention him today in their worship service?

We celebrate Presidents Day this year on Monday, Febuary 20th. Or do we? Today's Sunday Tampa Tribune doesn't mention it on coming events for the week. Public schools in our county no longer declare it a holiday--I have a substitute job Feb. 20th. We are off  for one day for Plant City's Strawberry Festival, but Presidents Day has gone the way of snail mail, thank you notes, hospitality and respect for elders and leaders. Oh, but the stores know it is Presidents Day!!!

With all the news about candidates, I pause to reflect on a truly great president, Ronald Reagan. Republicans and Democrats applauded his leadership. I wonder about what the world would have been like without his presidency and what he would have contributed after that presidency had he not had Alzheimer's. I respect his honesty in telling us he had Alzheimer's (see this speech on 2/6/11 of this blog).  I admire how Nancy Reagan bravely stood by him throughout his illness. Her devotion is an inspiration for all of us caregivers.

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  1. Excellent post. Seems our people are losing decency and respect for most everything. I wish more of that was taught in the home and at school.