Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent Research

Going to try to implement walking with husband. Sally and Jake, DH and I will try it on Saturdays Walking and Alzheimer's This way Jake and DH can walk at their own pace and Sally and I can talk and walk more briskly. We know the socialization is good for our husbands and wonder when they will figure out that each other has Alzheimer's. So far they accept each other's stories being repeated, because they don't remember those stories.

New York Times says to give Alzheimer's patients their way:
Techniques include using food, scheduling, art, music and exercise to generate positive emotions; engaging patients in activities that salvage fragments of their skills; and helping caregivers be more accepting and competent.
I agree to give DH his way on most things. I put my foot down if he refuses to go to the doctor. He has long-term excellent habits. For example, he folds his own laundry and makes our bed since I usually am up first.

Rockerfeller University  say that Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's are more related than we previously thought according to the UTube Video. My husband has both--wonder how many others have both.

NAPA has been signed by Obama. We will see how effective this new law is, but it certainly is timely.

Our chiropractor has suggestions on supplements for memory to aid to the coconut oil. Will try one at a time. Not sure there is a cure for Alzheimer's, but brain circulation is improved certainly with these visits and we are getting slowly better after our crash of December 19th. DH will talk about his back hurting and I remind him of that event, because the crash is foggy to him.


  1. I have been giving mom coconut oil for awhile now but at her stage there is no change. I think the more you do early the better. Starting any treatment in the early stages is the key . I am so glad NAPA got signed into law.

  2. I agree with Karen on doing all you can in the early stages, like you're doing.
    David's unfortunately past the coconut oil.....we stopped it a year ago, because we couldn't see any change for the better.

    I think the physical exercise and sunlight/bright light are so important for our husbands and us.

    It's so wonderful that you've connected with Sally and Jake, and can do things together, like walking.

    It's so good to hear that you all are improving with the visits to the chiropractor....

    Hugs and prayers,

  3. Have been following and welcoming your blog recently and love this warmly supportive community that has developed (believe connection probably from wonderful Dolores )Daily I type in Moving forward....

    feel guilty because I have not become a blogger myself but who knows ..maybe I will this New Year take the plunge inspired by you all...
    Your comments about 'lack of start point in your husband's memory for putting the crash and its follow on trauma echoes so much with my recent experiences with my husband.
    Thank you
    Chris In Wales UK

  4. Enjoy your walks, Carol! I don't have too much to add, but I'm always interested to read your updates.

  5. Vickie and Chris,

    Thanks for commenting.Vickie, I am ading your mother-in-law to my prayer list.

    Chris, has your husband been diagnosed with dementia, or are you starting to see signs? I know in the UK health care is different than in this country. Chris, I don't know how to contact you directly. Yes, do start blogging. It is a great way for those of us who are caregivers to connect.

    Well, folks, DH didn't walk, but Sally and I did after breakfast. DH and Jake chatted while Sally and I went to a track to chat and walk.


  6. Hello... thank you SO much for the book. I received it in the mail yesterday. We moved today so as soon as I unpack it I hope to get started on it. I did look through a few pages and it looks very good! I could definitely related to wanting people to like you and wearing yourself out in the process. I've been studying that topic and reading nouthetic counseling books on fear of man and the idol of reputation the past year or so. Thanks again!