Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day Winners

Plant City Lady and Friends is my most prolific blog. I write on it the most and have the most followers. A few people from this blog have written on another blog I write on about once a month, but this blog, about hubby's dementia, captures the most comment.

I intended to sleep in, but woke up at 6:30 am this morning. I put names for November and December for those who have posted on slips of paper. I took out drive by posters and people whom I know have already read my book. I wanted to send all those who were left, but I said "three".  Three winners were picked.
  • Dolores, who blogs about her own husband's Alzheimer's and who is an official author on this one.
  • Georgene who posts as "Living On Less" with her own inspiring stories.
  • Karen, who cares sweetly, almost unnoticed, for her mother with advanced Alzheimer's.
DH and I spent a wonderful evening at the home of our friends, Sally and Jake, last night. About 10:30 PM my husband was wrestless to leave and so we did. We both slept well.

I have had two appointments with a chiropractor and yesterday morning my husband had his first appointment. It went well and we will continue this needed therapy following that December 19th crash.


  1. Happy New Year dear friend!
    How exciting to be a winner of your book; I look forward to reading it.

    I hope the chiropractor helps both of you with your aches and pains.


  2. Thank you so much . I am so excited . So glad you and DH had a nice evening. My son and his girlfriend and me toasted the new yr with juice early so they could go to a friends house . Than mom and I napped while Dick Clarks new yrs eve was on tv. Than we went to bed. We are such partiers. Good luck at the Chiropractor. Happy New Year.

  3. Congrats to the winners! Happy New Year Carol!

  4. may the Lord richly bless you and your dear husband in the year ahead. xo

  5. Hello there - I'm a friend of Dolores' and I just noticed that she was on another blog! My MIL has Alzheimer's and Dolores and I've gotten to be good friends. She's a dear lady and always encouraging to me as we go thru this valley with my dear MIL. I know that this trial is much harder on my husband than me. She is in a Memory Care facility now after my FIL passed away. We are still having to both work. I think I handle things pretty well most of the time. I know it would be much more difficult if I were caring for her at home 24/7. But either my husband or me or both of us see her every day, and we try to get her out and take her places and visit family, etc. She remembers us and our kids, and that's about all. But she seems content and doesn't complain. She doesn't talk as much as she used to, and we can tell that she's leaving us bit by bit. Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading here this morning, and will have to keep up with your blog over here, too, Dolores and friends. Vickie

  6. I got my book today. Thank you so much. I have been showing it off all day. Can't wait to read.