Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saga Eight

We both go to the chiropractor three times a week and I still have pains. DH is doing well and not hurting, but not released from the chiropractor yet following our crash over a month ago. The chiropractor told DH he needs to walk.

So we took the dog to the track to walk. Sally and Jake were out of town and we couldn't walk with them.  DH decided that he wanted to drive the two miles to the track--first time since the December 19th crash. Oh no, I thought! But maybe he will walk! It was not to be. Our dog and I walked the track and DH sat in the car and watched. So much for exercise. So much for DH NOT driving.

For the past two years my husband has been in denial about his dementias. Sometimes he covers himself with statements such as everyone is getting older. I think the kind thing is that I encourage him to acknowledge his handicap. Every morning he takes notes on what is happening for the day. Today I remind him to call a family member, and that we have church and a social event in the afternoon.

Recently we took out dog to the vet and chatted with him about the past six months. In front of my husband I mentioned to the vet that DH has been disgnoised with two kinds of Alzheimer's, but is doing well. My husband didn't flinch when I said this.

My husband commented on all the pills he takes compared to me. I said, "You have had a heart attach and you have dementias and that is why you have so many pills." He didn't say anything.

The seat belt over my right breast made huge bruises at the time of the crash and hard spots have appeared on that breast. My new doctor said that lumps were probably there before the crash and she is moving quickly on tests for breast cancer. Hence I am scheduled in the next two weeks to have a mammogram, sonogram and biopsy. My chiropractor is also glad this is being checked out. I mentioned to DH that I would need him to drive me home from the biopsy--maybe five miles. I should not have told this to my husband because we are reversing his decision at the time of the crash to not drive.

Prayer requests. I talked with Dolores last night and she is having a hard time with her ALZ husband. Pray for them. Pray for my medical tests. Pray about my husband accepting his limitations and accepting not driving. (I want to change the insurance to one car and one driver to save money next quarter.)


  1. Thanks so much for the prayers, some days are just more difficult than others, and the prayers certainly help.

    Your puppy dog is so cute.... I want to see her little face.

    I'm so glad you're getting yourself checked out thoroughly. Praying for good results.

    At least you and the dog had some exercise....better luck next time with your husband.

    I think being open and honest like you're doing is the best way to handle the situation .....when David does or says something inappropriate, I usually tell him it's Alzheimer's and not him doing or saying........He accepts that and responds well ...

    Continued prayers for you two!

  2. Have been praying for you as well, Dolores. Hope you had a good Sunday and know that you are in my thoughts tonight. It's not easy having a husband who has ALZ, but it is so worthwhile to know you and to realize that even though we have never met in person, we can be there for each other.