Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the Good

Here is a cherished Bible verse from Romans 8 in The Living Translation:

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance . . . .
How can Alzheimer's, tight finances and a crash with a DUI driver work together for the good? I am thinking of a few examples.
  • Even though DH was approved to drive by an Alzheimer's Institute in October as I wrote earlier, he decided at the time of the crash that he would not drive again. He appreciated my trying to avoid the crash and we are both grateful to God for sparing our lives. With only one car now, he will not be able to forget and drive again.
  • We have $380 more a month because State Farm paid off the car loan. (We are also saving money on Medicare supplemental insurance by going with Preferred Care as I previously wrote, but this is not a result of the crash. With savings we can now knock down our credit cards.)
  • We learned how to get into bed and out of bed when DH was hospitalized overnight after the crash. Sit with your knees against the bed and put one hand out to lower yourself on your side. Then you can roll over. When you get out of bed, get back on your side and use your elbow and hand to help you get up so that you don't strain your back.
  • Our excellent chiropractor is helping both of us recover from the crash and we are learning about new supplements from the chiropractor. DH is now taking Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) to help with memory. I am starting to see that RNA is helping his short-term memory. The suggestion of CoQ-10 will also be implemented after I notice more results of RNA. Why doesn't the ALZ community also know about brain circulation help from a chiropractor? Because the research money is not there. (Coconut oil does have research behind it and DH is getting that.)
  • Added 1/13. My husband avoided the seatbelt injuries that I received. Even so, his bracing himself and moving forward did cause back problems. The chiropractor said that men are stronger also.  I know this is true.
  • Added 1/15. I taught a class for first time DUI offenders last week, my first one since the crash of December 19th. I think I was effective because of the first-hand experience I had. I showed the picture of our Saturn below, but didn't mention the anonymous couple involved. We had a good discussion about what might have happened to that couple. I also had new questions to ask: What do you estimate your BAC was when you were stopped, not the reported BAC at the jail. Was DUI your only charge when you were stopped?
  • Added 1/17. I went to my new primary care physician today and she said that the mass in my right breast might not be from the accident alone. Hence I am going to have that breast checked out for cancer. My chiropractor says that with the extreme trauma to that breast, a blood vessel might have broken. They continue laser treatments in the chiropractor's office. If I have breast cancer, this 12/19 crash has caught it. Should know in February.
The Christian is not guaranteed an easy life and thank God we are looking forward to heaven when there will be no more tears. The LORD will be with me all the way as he chooses caregiver for my life now.


  1. My word, times are trying are they not? Sure glad you weren't hurt badly.

  2. It's so wonderful that you're finding good things from some bad situations. Your faith is so strong and true!

    I miss David driving, but I also love having only the expense of one car, insurance, license and gasoline....that sure helps on the expenses.

    I'm so glad your husband isn't driving anymore.... I was concerned about that.

    I hope and pray the supplements the chiropractor has recommended will continue to help ......

    Hugs and prayers!

  3. You've quoted one of my 'life' verses. I love what verse 29 says because it tells what the 'good' is in verse 28.. to conform us into the image of Christ. That is good! :-)

    I'm enjoying your book and getting to know you better. Thank you again for your generosity.