Monday, July 26, 2010

Missing Keys, Appointments and a Full Moon

What a day! In the morning my husband could not find his keys. We also had a Watson Clinic appointment for 12:45. He is most upset about the loss of the keys and we went to get copies of them for $7. I resist getting a copy of his car key which is $60 at the locksmith's and $100 at Ford and suggest that they may turn up sometime this week at the house.

Next he didn't want to go to the doctor's appointment and so reluctantly I call to cancel the urology appointment, obeying my husband, although not a wise move in my opinion. He is very mad at me, a mood he does not remember later. I even called my pastor. He is sick, he says. We go home.

After getting his equilibrium at home, he agrees to go to the doctor, not remembering his earlier sickness, anger and refusal to keep that appointment. I call the urologist on our way to keep that appointment and they can't affirm he had an appointment. A quick check at the primary care physician's office and we discover it is for the carotid doppler exam instead. He had taken the message for today's appointment, but not the detail of where the office was--urology or heart. I had assumed it was urology.  At least we made it! I wonder if the results of the carotid exam will help determine why he is slowing down.

On the way home from the appointment my husband realizes he has put me through some hard times in the morning, but doesn't remember what they were exactly and I bring up the specifics. Says he will have to carry a tape recorder. We are back on good terms, but I wonder if this is the beginning, the foreboding of times to come that I have been reading about.

Suddenly after being home about an hour his keys show up and he has no memory of missing the keys in the morning. I ask where they were--"in his pocket," he says. Now we had checked that pocket along with numerous other places in the morning. Sure glad that we didn't buy the expensive Ford key replacement. Later I mention the keys, and he says, "Oh yeah! I have to find those keys!" Total frustration I have.

By dinner time I am in no mood to cook. I have zeroooooooo spirit left in me. He sees this and we decide to go out to dinner. At dinner I tell him the story of a wife trying to cope (my story today) and suddenly we start to laugh. He teases me because I wanted to use his cell phone to see if my cell phone was in my large purse: "You mean you can't remember where you put your cell phone!" Got my equilibrium back!
Thank you, Lord, for our wonderful love for each other, bearing all things, and laughing at the end of the day. Thanks that we found those keys and got to the 12:45 appointment with the correct doctor. Lord, help me deal with anger and forgetfulness in my husband when in happens and help me to remember we had this bad day with the full moon in the evening to laugh. Thanks for the people who maybe read the first draft before we went to dinner and prayed for us. Help me accept whatever is coming down the road.  Amen.
8/3 UPDATE. Carotid doppler stable! Great!


  1. LOL, Carol. Have you read my story "The Watch" in Alzheimer's Anthology of Unconditional Love? This reminds me of that!

  2. Thanks for putting your thoughts down in this blog. I hope to find time to read it more often. I haven't even updated my own blog for weeks because of the stress of looking after Mum.

  3. Thanks so much Linda and Lorelei and Sandy. Lorelei, I will check out your site. Thanks for following here.

  4. Carol, I'll be shutting myself in my bedroom at 2pm today for a small season of prayer for you. (((hugs)))