Thursday, July 29, 2010

Plumbing Problems

You see, folks, my husband does fine, but today, Thursday, was another one of those days like last Monday when I was a basket case. We live in the country outside of Plant City and have well water and water softener tanks to get rid of the rust. Now I knew that a couple of tanks were low and my neighbor put bleach in one and salt in the other on July 19th. The house water seemed fine--until last night.

Rusty water this color was now in the sinks and the toilets!

My imagination went soaring and I got very little sleep last night. Surely the plumber, if I could get him to call back in the morning, would tell us we had a huge bill and lots of inconvenience. It would take a long time to fix and we would have to use paper plates instead of the dish washer, take our clothes to the laundromat and buy lots of bottled water. I imagined we couldn't afford to tear up the pipes to the house to get everything fixed properly.

"Call the plumber," hubby says, and I worry about the cost and then the inconvenience. When the husband is still in charge as the leader but no longer remembers how to maintain the property, it puts a huge load on the wife. He has turned the finances over to me now and I know we have very little in the budget at the end of summer for contingencies. We have had an expensive roof repair and air conditioner repair this year, not to mention a $500 riding lawn mower bill and a $1100 car repair bill. Not another unexpected expense!

This morning after the plumber finally returned the call, I called Kerry and you will see she prayed for me today at 2 pm in the comments at the right with the last post. At about 3:30 the plumber shows up. $72 and three bottles of bleach. Everything is fixed we think.

Thank you Lord and thank you Kerry and cousin Chuck for praying. I know Sandy was also praying and two churches in AZ and TN! I think I will go run the dish washer with good water.

Update 8/4. Air in the pipes and cloudy water still. Got tree trimmers out here this morning for a big truck to come this afternoon; well plumbers will fix a pipe going down to the well. We went elsewhere to shower.


  1. I'm so pleased that everything worked out for you today, Carol. You are right that God is good. He cares for His children and provides for them. Hang in there!

  2. There is an Andy Griffith show where Aunt Bee is having a contrary freezer. She tries all kinds of ways to deal with the freezer. Every time she asks Andy what she should do, he would say "call the man". She would fret and come up with another idea to deal with it that was not calling the man. Finally she did just "call the man", the repairman came and fixed it with little fanfare and little cost. She wished she had called the man in the first place. Not knowing what you are dealing with is the worst part. Once you know, then you can pursue the fix or forget it. I share this in hopes it will give you a chuckle. Anyway this is a long way of saying I am glad your water issue is fixed and it was a minimal cost compared to what you had imagined. Praising God for his mercies which are new every morning.