Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Dreaded Thyroid Biopsy Postponed

I had a count-down of days to this biopsy scheduled for today at 9 am. I kept busy each day, or rather life kept me busy as I have been recording on this blog.  I last wrote about this thyroid issue HERE.  Lately I have reminded people to pray about this biopsy and the results of it.

Can you imagine having a really long needle 
stuck in your neck while you watch it happen!!

I had a thyroid biopsy years ago. I was a widow then and so upset that I had no family by my side. But today hubby would be with me.

Of the three things I had to boss him around about (and really the only three things in his simple life), he accomplished one this morning--he took a shower, but standing up I am afraid. He complained about the shower seat in our large shower, but showered with it there standing up. His training for a sit-down shower isn't complete. He did not manage to shave before we left and I took his pills with us and he had them when he was good and ready for them--actually at lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with a lovely coupon from my MN friend Kathy.

It turns out that morning appointment was actually a biopsy consultation with the doctor who would do my biopsy. I told this specialist I have been tired lately. The body is so complex and so at my age he decided to also do a carotid ultrasound on August 14 and the thyroid biopsy will be on August 15th.  I will find out the results on September 3. So the wait is not over, folks. I have to wait more!

I need to keep busy. I came up with this list.
Showing the driver's license
I am stuck with for five years--
me with no eyebrows. 
  1. Practice speeches for Toastmasters. Monday on the spur of the moment because the club needed more speeches, I decided to  speak on "The Girl With No Eyebrows" at a Toastmasters speak-a-thon. It turns out this old biddy shown here was funny and was encouraged to enter the club's Humorous Speech Contest on August 19th. See post HERE.  Do you think I should enter it?  Also I am speaking on "The Accidental Rapper" on August 5th--how I became MC AC The Rap Lady. Maybe people will get tired of this old biddy speaking three times in a row. 
  2. Tweak The House That Cleans Itself so I can entertain in a month.  Lots of things left to do here. 
  3. Work on counseling dissertation. 
  4. Continue to enjoy prayer and Bible study--aways refreshing.
  5. Write letters to people who actually send mail. Kathy in MN and Joyce in TN. I do not think they read this blog. 
  6. And, of course, spend time with hubby. He is just happy if I sit by his side. Me sit? I will have to practice that one. 
What do you do when you are waiting? 
What do you think I should do? 


  1. I forgot! I have two quilts to work on for December. One for Sally and one for a grandchild.

    My eyebrows are healed and I really need to weed.

  2. That is quite a good list! I'm sorry that you have to wait longer to hear of the results. I pray that God's peace will guard your heart Carol.

    1. Thanks, Georgene. It is amazing how He does sustain us and I know He uses the prayers of people like you for my journey as as Alzheimer's caregiver. I am so grateful for social media friends such as you who do pray over the miles.

      Hugs and prayers,

  3. Erg. The medical wait game is torturous. Glad you're keeping're doing better than I would!

    1. Marianne, life sure is a waiting game. Hopefully our LORD will grant me more years than my husband so I can be there for him.

      Last night I was reading a caregiver manuscript from my summer writing group on how a 83 year wife dealt with her husband's Parkinson's for 17 years before his passing this past March. Now she is dealing with loneliness. I wish she had a blog and I am going to help her with computer skills in about a month after her company leaves.