Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweating at Last for the Yard

Time to sweat. My forehead is healed from its eyebrow permanent makeup. Time to learn to use a new-to-me garden tool.

Wayne is such a gentleman. When he mows our yard (for free) we take him to dinner usually. This morning it was breakfast at Buddy Freddy's, a Plant City landmark. I just love his T-shirt that says "If I can't build it, fix it, or mow it, it must not be important."

After breakfast (really brunch), we came back to the house and Wayne mowed our front and back yards and gave me a lesson on the trimmer we have. You have to string it up. You have to mix gas with Type Two something. (Gonna have to buy this at Home Depot and I will find out the name of it.)

Wayne told me you have to dress for the part because even poisonous stuff can hit your legs and arms and you can get a rash.  This increases the sweat. I wore large sun glasses also. You also have to not get too close to fences. I got too close to a chord and almost took out the phone line. I stopped and Wayne got that chord off the machine. Thanks to Wayne for coming to my rescue!

Me with the John Deere Trimmer

You may be able to see the vines growing up by the side of the house. Got to get to those my hand, but not with this edger.

So this morning at Buddy Freddy's at the next table there was a group of four dudes with tattoos. Now I am not shy. I noticed that one of the four was not on a cell phone.

I quipped, "I guess your friends don't want to talk with you, " to the young man not texting. Then I embarrassed myself and said that I rap and have a YouTube channel. "Do you want me to do my Cell Phones rap for you?"

"No thanks," said one man on a cell whom I found out owns a tattoo parlor. I did manage to say (much to hubby and Wayne's disgust) that I have two tattoos (really permanent makeup)  on my forehead.  The tattoo artist said that he doesn't do those kind. They did take my rapper name for YouTube, however, but of course didn't want to hear a cell phone rap because they were so busy on their cell phones. These dudes were polite and I am sure they think I am a strange old biddy. Oh well!

Getting ready to speak tonight on "The Accidental Rapper" at Toastmasters and enjoying getting something done in the yard again today--at least before it rains again. I like the rain, however, because it makes pulling weeds easier and I don't have to water the grass and flowers.


  1. We could be twins with our weed whackin' getups!
    :-) I really like doing it even though I tire in about an hour or two. But it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, don't you think? Glad Wayne was there to show you the ropes ;-) Your weed trimmer is more upscale than mine. You have a Deere!

    1. It's good exercise, Sandy. I am glad you are liking this too. It certainly does make a huge difference where the lawn mower cannot go.

  2. That is a nice post... and by the way, you really look cool in your shades!!!

    1. Latane, thanks and I was warm.! All I wore to keep safe made me sweat more.

      Tonight we stopped by at Walmart. Hubby loves his comfortable chairs and he found a comfortable one in the garden area while I shopped. A lady clerk in the automotive area helped me get "Universal 2-Cycle Engine Oil" for this trimmer. So much to learn and practice!

      Then I ran into two high schoolers who just had to have me rap for them.

  3. Oh my gosh, I wish I could have recorded this whole thing. It almost sounds like a sitcom & I think you've missed your calling! Can't wait to hear how your talk went!

    1. Marianne, it was funny. Here I am with my gentle eyebrow tattoos conversing with four heavily tattooed guys who don't want to "hang" with me--only with their cell phones between revisiting the breakfast bar.

      The talk went well, but it wasn't video-taped. Got lots of wonderful comments on the slips of papers that you use in Toastmasters to write comments: 1. "It's no accident. You have a gift that multiplies when you share it." 2. "You are a star! I appreciate your creativity. The personal effort you make to keep education interesting and cool is priceless." 3. "You are such a joy. Part of what kids love about your raps is what I love about your speeches--you are brave and authentic." Just to share a few.