Thursday, July 18, 2013

The House That Cleans Itself: Rugs in Areas 2, 4, 5, and 6

Looking down the hall
to the master bedroom
When I have finished a room, I have had to report that the unclean, stained carpet wasn't done and I would have to go back to that. The history of the horrible stains is that once a "professional" group came in and cleaned quickly with lots of moisture. In several months the stains appeared as the moisture came to the surface revealing the mud that was imbedded.

Today our carpets were cleaned with the help of Melody, whom we employed. In order to do this, she started with the master bedroom about 11:15 and she worked hard until 5:45 until she had done what I asked her to do. Now ceiling fans are running drying these rooms and I am sitting on the only chair in the den as I type.

"Where are our chairs?" hubby kept askinig.

"I moved them to the garage, the workshop, the guest bedroom and even the front porch," was my reply. Then he would ask again where the chairs were. At one point he moved to our bedroom to watch TV so Melody could clean the family room. His celebrated Ikea coffee table with his prized DVD collection was rolled to the kitchen. Ceiling fans in the rooms that have them are running at high speed as the carpet dries.

Products Used
Melody picked up my vacuum cleaner from our repairman, her brother, and brought it to our house. It worked well and so I have no excuse but to keep up the vacuuming. She also said I can use the stain removers to clean spots. I need to do that. She used Rug Doctor Oxy-Steam Carpet Cleaner in her carpet cleaner (my carpet cleaner is waiting for a part according to her brother). For stain removal she used Resolve Stain Remover and Bissell Big Green Commercial Heavy Traffic Precleaner you see above.

Now, my three weeks for "no sweat" after my eyebrow procedure I wrote about earlier will be up on July 22 so then I have to get busy. Also, you may notice the weights in the above shelf and my birthday treadmill in this post. Next week I need to exercise, keep up with the house and get back to weeding. Those weeds have been growing! Tentatively a yard sale will be coming up also.

There were two other wonderful blessings today beside the carpet cleaning. First, a student I had in fifth grade 35 years ago messaged me on Facebook and thanked me for the impact I had on her life. Second, I received my notice that I will be substituting again next week. (I had gotten the substitute test in late due to my husband's hospitalization recently.) 

Thank you, LORD, for such rich blessings.


  1. Wow, your home is looking so clean and sounding very organized. I know that must feel very good to you. You've accomplished a lot, you should be very proud of yourself.

    The e-mail from your former student says so much about sweet of her to take the time and let you know how much you meant to her.

    Hugs and prayers,

    1. Thanks, Dolores. I dream about having a party for local The House That Cleans Itself folk who received that book.

      The former student actually messaged me on Facebook with what she had sent to Oprah, hoping Oprah could connect us. That never happened, but it had always been on her bucket list to contact me and thank me.

      Now as a substitute teacher, and when I was a regular teacher, there is to be social media contact with students. Ya think, though, after 35 years it is okay? I thought so and now we are Facebook friends!

  2. Oh my gosh...what an honor to be remembered and cherished 35 years later. Though I am not surprised. :)

    1. Those we wonderful days of teaching fifth grade in California, Mar. I read students "The Fuzzy Tale" by Claude Steriner and emphasized Warm Furries over Cold Pricklies. I taught Calligraphy to students who mastered cursive writing. I did care about my students and it is so special to have more than one of them connect with me some 30 years later. We owe their detective work to Facebook.