Friday, December 21, 2012

Reflections on Bulllies and DUI Crash

In addition to getting last minute things done this week, I have been teaching four days. Monday and Thursday I substituted in public schools--Thursday in middle school and Monday in high school. Those of you who follow this blog know that I positively control students by promising I will "rap" the last five minutes of class. This week after last week's shooting I didn't want to be silly, so I used my rap/poem about bullies that I am still memorizing and perfecting.

Poster in Public Schools
We talk about the importance of reporting bullies and not being a bully. What if a picked on kid comes back and shoots you later as what happened a week ago today in Connecticut?!  Here's the rap/poem:
What he did?
Where you been?
I’m gonna spit it
And you’re gonna get it

Hitting agitating
Spitting aggravating
Take a stand—let’s attack
Rid us of bullies
Always fighting
Gossip behind the back
In person or Internet
Bullies find excuses
To mess with our weaknesses
As if they have none
Just take courage
Report those bullies
Their end is near
Your conscience clear

Let’s get along
Join this song
Let’s be buddies
I’m gonna spit it
And you’re gonna get it

Skip the teasing
Skip the strife
No more hassles
All you bullies
Get a life!
What did I do on Tuesday and Wednesday? I taught a class for DUI offenders into the night (3:30-9:30 PM). Sally and Jake had dinner with DH both nights. Tuesday Sally picked up our husbands from the Senior Center, and Wednesday hubby went with Sally and Jake to their church for dinner. My DUI class heard about my drug overdose of last week that landed me in the hospital and reminded me at 7 PM to take my correct pills!

Now Thursday night while I was teaching adults it was the two-year anniversary since a DUI driver crashed into us. See here. The students were taking turns recounting what each had learned for the DUI criminal charge and not really being so serious--basically I heard all about how they were inconvenienced not being able to drive for six months to a year. I stopped their complaining, and put it in perspective. I bullied them! I told them that ironically my husband and I were almost killed two years ago by a DUI driver. I had a few of them role play a scene where they apologized to me in court for hitting and almost killing my husband and myself. It was very effective.

Keep safe and be kind to everyone!


  1. I am trying to imagine you in these classes! Hahahahaha. You tell 'em!

  2. So glad you teach the DUI classes. As you know, that is a cause near to my heart.

  3. I bet your students love you and your rap music/poems...... your message is so important!
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Hugs and prayers!

  4. Some things are worth being a bully about!

    Do you sleep by the way? How are you doing all of this???