Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kitchen Reflections--As Perfect As Can Be Now

Ready to be mopped, enjoyed and kept clean

 Mrs. Clark, in The House That Cleans Itself, believes in camoflauge. Regularly I make coconut fudge in ice cube trays so my husband gets coconut oil, probably a factor in his stability in stage one. While we have been using coconut oil for quite some time, a year ago I started the fudge. (See recipe here.) So I needed a camoflauge strategy for the ice cube trays and tub of Tropical Traditions or Lou Ana coconut oil that I am regularly using. Those trays come right out of the dishwasher and go here as pictured at the left. This is the HTCI system. This little corner production is out of the line of sight that Clark advocates. You look at my kitchen now and it works for us and makes me happy. But, it is not perfect. After all, FlyLady says:
Perfectionism is Shelved in 2012!

Speaking of FlyLady, why didn't her system take for me? (FlyLady is Marla, the author of Kitchen Sink Reflections.) She seems to have  whole industry now from calendars to special brushes for your toilets to water containers.  Probably my cargiving situation and the rah, rah of the FlyLady business didn't mesh at this time--too overwhelming.  HTCI seems to work best for me, but I still get FlyLady email and look at it from time to time.

Not perfection, but major changes. Now I want to cook and can easily clean the counter tops. Major kitchen and laundry room changes include:

1. Finding things and storing them where they are used.

Didn't work

What works

2. Getting everything off of the floor in the laundry room so that tile can be mopped easily.

3. Pantry closet tweeked so that it continues to work (see below).

4. Using cloth bags when I grocery shop so I don't collect those plastic bags.

5. Giving equipment away. Hope to have a party for young people and newlyweds to acquire some of those items as prizes.

Pantry closet opposite the washer and dryer

I will lead a life of integrity in my own home. Psalm 101:2 TLT

Monday was DH's turn to go to the chiropractor who got him to stand up straight. Can you teach dementia loved ones new ideas? I think so. I have been telling him to strand up straight because he can and because it helps his back pain. He does that more now.

Then Monday we went to vote early. I got in a booth next to my husband and assisted him the with process, thinking that maybe I would be thrown out. Not so. He was pleased that we voted early and also shows interest in news of Hurricane Sandy now.

Hubby asked when is the next time we see "Jake and Sally" and I told him that will be Saturday during the Alzheimer's walk. Sally and I will walk the 5K and he and Jake will wait for us. Who would have thought of two Alzheimer's loved ones babysitting each other! Please contribute if you can by clicking on the above link. I have not raised all my funds yet.


  1. Carol,

    Great work on organizing your kitchen. Mine could use a good straightening. We keep our coconut oil next to the stove, since we use it so often, but I've gotten used to having it there - don't have any kind of nook, like you do.

    Speaking of CO, I'm making a documentary on coconut oil and Alzheimer's disease. I already have an interview lined up with Dr. Mary Newport and her husband for the end of December. Since you live in the same general area, I was wondering if you and your husband would like to be interviewed. It sounds like you have also had great results!

    You can reach me at if you you would like to participate (or just chat).

    Thanks for your fun blog - I'm a clutter monster, so I appreciate your efforts.

    Vicki Cash, RN

  2. You're making great progress in your de-cluttering and organizing....your home is looking good!!!

    Continued prayers....

  3. Wow! You are inspiring me! What a lot of work and a great job Carol! Good for you!