Thursday, October 11, 2012

De-cluttering Makes Room for Other Values and Experiences

Sally told me about a lecture on clutter at our local Plant City Library and so my hubby and I heard Michelle Passoff, the author of Lighten Up, last night. Hubby said he was bored, but I appreciate so much just getting to hear Michelle and reflect on my de-cluttering process. She took a broad perspective on clutter--not just physical clutter, but emotional, mental and spiritual clutter. Here are some gems from what she said.
  • If you are human, you have stuff. If you don't de-clutter, you become a hoader.You can retreat, or you can get a handle on that clutter and plan for the future.
  • What life do you want when the clutter is gone? Realize what you are making room for and the energy you will have as a result of ridding yourself of stuff.
  • Complete 100% of something and do not introduce clutter back into that spot. You can put clutter anywhere else, but not where you have cleaned. This got me thinking. I wanted to put all the kitchen and pantry stuff in the den, but that would not be wise.
  • Take breaks from the de-cluttering project.
  • Work only two to four hours at a time. So far Saturday is my best day for doing this.
  • Get free from unfinished business. For example, today after substitute teaching I mailed a book back to Crafter's Choice. I had forgotten to open mail and that book club sent the book anyway.
The grass in the back yard had gotten high. When I came home from substituting today, DH had mowed the rest of the back yard. Could it be that he is starting to realize what I do around here and deciding to contribute?

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  1. a very productive evening... wellspent. We all should take note of all the good advice and get busy to declutter our lives. You have set the bar high.