Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Books Came

While I was in the hospital, 15 copies of The House That Cleans Itself came and I will be mailing/distributing them out to you all who requested them.  I am working today, and have an insurance man coming this afternoon to explain changes in Preferred Care. I expect to mail them tomorrow after I also subsitutute teach.

I am still on the den and of course couldn't work last Saturday because I was pacing the halls in the hospital. However, I did rearrange my part of the hospital room and neated up just to keep up on new habits.

Love the new habits that Mrs. Clark has wisely counseled in her book. There is hope!

Thanks so much Mindy Starns Clark for these 15 copies!

Also thanks for your prayers while I was in the hospital and continuing for my husband and myself. He doesn't remember that I was in the hospital, but enjoys his routines and being home.


  1. I'm glad you're out of the hospital and husband is feeling more comfortable. What a great gift of those books!

  2. Found one last person (blogger) to give the 15th book to and am mailing it overseas today.