Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This and That

  • I couldn't wait to tell you. Please pray for blogging friend Dolores and her husband who is in a coma. She wrote this week:
David is in a coma, no food or water since Wednesday evening last week. He's nearing the end of his journey here on earth. He's moving forward to Paradise.
I'm overwhelmed and honored by family, friends and blog friends . Your love and encouragement are lifting me up and helping to sustain me through the darkest time in my life.
  • Pray for the plane trip of Sally and Jake, our friends who live nearby, whom I often write about; you know--our husbands tell each other the same stories over and over again and it doesn't matter because both have Alzheimer's and don't remember the stories anyway.
  • Interviews. In addition to Dolores' interview here last month, two more are scheduled. Yesterday I interviewed LaTane, whose husband died from Alzheimer's, and that interview will be posted some time this week. Also  in October Laurie and I are planning an interview of her journey with her husband's Early Onset Alzheimer's.  
  • For all the ladies whom I promised a free copy of The House That Cleans Itself, I have not received them  from the author yet, but Mrs. Clark assures me they are on the way. Barb couldn't wait and got her own copy on Nook. A new edition of this book will be out in early 2013.
  • I am still collecting funds for the Alzheimer's Association Walk in early November. You can contribute by clicking on link above right. This will be my third year walking.
  • New Way I Am Learning To Handle Clutter
  • Last Saturday at Weight Watchers I had lost 26.8 pounds. When asked what I was happiest about this loss, I was at loss for words! Can you believe that!  Actually the discipline going through my house and decluttering it using the strategies from The House That Cleans Itself makes me the most happy--more than losing weight which I do periodically anyway. That vertical file above at right is working so well.
  • Hubby is happy, but so needs encouragement to take his medicine and to eat. He quips about getting whipping from me if he doesn't do this and also jokes with others that I hit him and that is why I wear wrist braces.
  • My carpel tunnel syndrome on my wrists is being treated by my chiropractor and my wrists are slowly improving. This is great, because I do not need surgery. I wear braces especially at night, take MSM from the health food store, and go on Pinterest less.


  1. It's always interesting to read your updates. It sounds like things are going pretty well. PTL!

  2. Congrats on losing all that weight and for your house losing weight, too (the cleaning process).

    So sad about David... I am on such an alert from Dolores that he is no longer with us. I feel for any spouse who is losing their mate to AlZheimers. but, we know there is a better place awaiting.