Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coconut Oil Recipes

"Preventing Alzheimer's: Coconut Oil Recipes"  by Lorie Johnson you can see here. The CBN news medical reporter writes:
Thanks to the spectacular work of Dr. Mary Newport, many people with Alzheimer's disease as well as other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and ALS, have enjoyed improvement by adding coconut oil to their diet.
The coconut granola recipe looks soooo good. She also has that Coconut Fudge recipe from Dr. Newport that we use.

Preventing Alzheimer's may not be as simple as using coconut oil, but it sure does help my husband and other ailments. Oops. My husband is not an ailment! He is wonderful--not a diagnosis.


  1. Wow, so this is really true. I've been seeing a lot of reports lately mentioning that coconut oil can help in preventing Alzheimer's disease. Thanks to Dr. Mary Newport indeed. I just hope this is true because my dear uncle badly needs this.

  2. Hi Valerie! Check out the Coconut Oil Miracle book in addition to Dr. Newport's book. My husband has been on coconut oil for three years and people are amazed that he has not gone down hill more. He still has short-term memory, simple things, but has recent memory. He remembers what we did Tuesday and Wednesday nights for example, but doesn't remember if he took his pills so I have reminders for him. Now before I leave the home I will see that he has gotten them.

  3. If it helps.... that's awesome!!
    Each person is different..... and each symptom and diagnosis.. different.
    Hugs and prayers!

  4. HI! There is a blog by a Board Certified Neuropsychologist and one posting gives five ways to judge medical cliams. He uses Dr. Newport's information in the posting. It also has comments / discussion from readers. If you want to read see the below link.

    Best, Ann

  5. Thanks for the link, Ann. I read it with interest. That doctor wants to see evidence as we all do and the Byrd Alzheimer's Institute in Tamps is starting a research project on coconut oil. Also, the link above has ads on the blog and speculates on deaths of some celebrities and he isn't their doctor. I put his blog on my Google dashboard and will see what else he writes about and if others respond to that post.

    Wouldn't anyone do what he could for their loved one? I think so and believe that my husband is calmer, happier and more rational from three years of coconut oil, the supplement he has taken the longest. Might also just be prayer. Do I think there is a magic cure for Alzheimer's? Not yet, and many cures will wait for heaven where there will be no more sickness or pain or death. That is the wonderful hope of the believer.

    At the end of July I wrote on the pros and cons of coconut oil. We do need oil in our diet and the coconut oil that my husband gets does not hurt his blood work numbers according to his doctor. He also gets tumeric in capsule form and Ribonucleic Acid--no studies that I have found on those also.