Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I'm Learning About Senior Health, Part Three

Workshop. Sally and I went to workshop at the USF Johnny Byrd Alzheimer's Institute on August 30th. DH and Jake spend the day at our home. Dr. Kristin Fargher, Assistant Medical Director at the Institute, gave an excellent overview called "Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Progress in Treatment". 

This session was followed by Jill Ardila's presentation on "Clinical Trials: One Step Closer to a Cure." Sally has been having trouble sleeping lately and she has just joined a caregiver study now on the sleep of a caregiver that Jill Ardila mentioned. Jill also mentioned that current research for AD patients includes Resveratrol and coconut oil! When hubby was officially diagnosed with Mixed Dementia at Byrd Alzheimer's Institute two years ago see here, they were not impressed with the coconut oil I had been giving him. I just read that post again and realize that hubby really is doing so well in the past two years and so am I with the LORD's help. Now the Institute researchers have met Dr. Newport (whose interview video is one od the most viewed post on this blog) and are actually conducting research on it!  So glad DH has been on coconut oil for three years. He does get it with his coconut oil fudge for two meals. Perhaps he doesn't have enough every day, and maybe I can give him more by cooking with it most days. 

After a wonderful lunch, Eileen Poiley the Institute's Director of Education talked on "Strategies for Managing Behaviors and Communicating with a person with Alzheimer's". Her tips deserve a whole new post which will follow at some point. 

Off-hand Comments at the Workshop. I heard that Resvereatrol (has ingredient in dark chocolate) is at Sams Club and will look into that. One of the participants informally during a break talked about people in India cooking with turmeric and curumin and not having as much dementia. Hubby does get this every day with a Vitacost pill and whenever I can cook with it.

Scam? A series of studies have come out that says that aging is a result of oxidated stress where free radicals destroy some of the cells. Joe McCord and others have "discovered" that the taking of one pill of Protandim can help us not age, or return our T bars to a lower level. That video is here. Two of the ingredients in this pill my husband already takes--green tea and tumeric. He also has cinnamon on his applesauce he gets in the morning and often on a sweet potato. However the case is out on Protandim and if you Google it you see what ingredients are in it and that it might be a scam, or at least a scam in its marketing. I wonder if it was "the one thing" that was in the post here--a most popular post to date on this blog--the one thing that I never listened to because of the marketing approach.

Teeth. Got to floss, folks. Plaque can get into the blood stream through the teeth.  Never connected heart health and teeth before. Actually have been going to a really good dentist for almost two years now when we got on Preferred Care. Flossing is hard for my wrists since I have carpal tunnel symptoms again, but got to do it.

Shingles. You can get a shingles shot at Walmart in our area this week. Hubby got shingles after he was first diagnosed with dementia soon after I started this blog almost four years ago. Preferred Care will not cover this shot for me, but I am considering paying for it because of the stress of caregiving and over a year ago my doctor said seniors should get this shot.

MSM. I am taking MSM for my carpal tunnel as I did years ago. My doctor approved. Also I am wearing my braces at night and during the day some.  I also need a hearing test.

Aluminium Deodorants. Can people avoid Alzheimer's by avoiding certain deodorants? See here. While it may be a good idea to not use aluminum in cooking, we do not know that we have to avoid it in deodorants unlike that site implies. Nobody else on Google is saying that aluminum in deodorants causes Alzheimer's, in fact it is called a myth if you google it. This site sums it up:
It is interesting that the Aluminum/Alzheimer's connection continues to persist for many people, even though in the 1960's and 1970's after it was first suspected and researched extensively, no connection has ever been found. There is still no known cause of Alzheimer's, but a few things that are believed to help prevent it are: eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat and cholesterol, staying mentally active and learning new things, and exercising regularly.
I have been thinking about neurotransmitters recently, you know, Seretonon, GABA, Dopamine and Acetycholine and how we get them from healthy eating--those superfoods. Those neurotransmitters connect the neurons that my husband is losing slowly I guess. If we are deficient in neurotransmitters certain conditions can happen--low energy, brain fog, anxiety. Also, friends are on the GAPS, Paleo and/or no gluten diets and seeing significant benefits for their families.

I am dieting with Weight Watchers which also emphasizes healthy eating, not just weight loss. My weight loss is slow, but, I feel great and am fitting into clothes I used to wear.

Diet, what we eat, is not just losing weight. Good eating habits are important for us seniors and our Alzheimer's loved ones, who sometimes think they can live on ice cream!


  1. I've been a flosser since around age 20. If it's a daily habit, you won't be able to stand not doing it.

    Interesting about aluminum and dementia. I think they've also tried to connect aluminum and autism. I'm not sure they ever found anything conclusive, but the rumors persist.

    Are your wrists getting better? It sounds painful. Hope you heal fast!

  2. Yes, my wrists are getting better. Thanks for asking. I put a pin up that says "Floss before you Pin" on Pinterest some time ago!

  3. Hi..I came over from Deloras's blog...they make little flosser things that don't require much wrist action..I would be happy to send some to you to try I had your address or you can probably pick them up anywhere

  4. Interesting about the aluminum in deodorants. I always wondered if there were more studies being done. I've tried alternative deodorants with no success.

  5. As always, you share so much informative information!!!