Monday, September 10, 2012

Music Therapy

Here is a helpful link: Music Therapy for Individuals With Alzheimer's and Other Dementias

From Pinterest

Music is the universal language. I am intentionally playing such music for my husband because I understand music is the universal language for our loved ones who happen to have dementia.When we travel in our old gas guzzler car, usually I put music on in the car through the speaker from my five year old iPod. An adapter plugs right into the old cassette slot and connects to that iPod. My husband and I listen to a worship playlist on Sundays on the way to church. The Sunday that I forgot my iPod, we sang hymns all the way to church.

Like Dolores' sweet husband David, DH loves country music. Our friends Sally and Jake have also introduced us to Blue Grass music.  I love playing our piano and need to do that sometimes also so I introduce this into our routine. That is, when my carpel tunnel wrists are better. Too much computer, folks, but I am using MSM from the health food store and wearing braces on my wrists at night.

There is actually an iPod drive for old iPods to benefit Alzheimer's patients. See here. Many people have those lying around because they have smart phones now. I have resisted getting an iPhone and even stopped texting to save expenses and to save my carpel tunnel wrists.

Even though my wrists are hurting these days, my legs are not. This will be the third fall that I am walking in the Alzheimer's Association event. So is Sally and I need to start raising money. Our husbands will hang out while we walk.


  1. I love music, too. It just uplifts the spirit and makes you smile. Well, most of it, anyway and the kind that doesn't.... I can turn off. Have a great week, Carol. Good luck on your Alz. walk. Keep us posted on fundraising.

  2. Carol,

    there is a nursing home in Lakeland that is part of a research study using IPods. Julie Boon (the music therapist at Caregivers Day Out helped to set it up.) Anyway, I have not heard about outcomes but the concept is interesting. The program is part of the Alive program. For those that respond to the Ipods / music, it can be a new way of communication.

    I wish I could imbed the video here so you can watch. Here is the link instead...

    Best, Ann

  3. I could not open up that video and tried to install something to do it. What is the video about?

  4. Music gets me through my chores everyday. I couldn't fold laundry without it!